Wednesday, November 30, 2011

He knows me so well!

Ok. So my sweet husband brought me home these yesterday {with a few other antique treasures}! He came across these while cleaning out some storage units at work. {someone had left them behind}. I am ECSTATIC! A whole set of 10 Vintage Griffith's Laboratory Milk Glass Jars. SWEEEEET! Mine are like the ones in this picture {these are from a pic I found online}. They have the red lids, and only 2 original labels left of them. I am not in love with the Red, so I have plans to repaint them. {Sorry to all you red lovers out there, the Red is nice, but it doesn't match my kitchen decor.} My husband knows me so well:-) It was like Christmas for me! Anyhow, stay tuned for my Vintage Spice jar revamp...
Now what color to paint them? I was thinking perhaps oil rubbed bronze?
Any suggestions?

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Burlap, white & silver Christmas Trees..

I have told this story before, but we have a tiny little place. And thus, a normal sized Christmas tree would just be too large for our "skinny" living room. So my mother in law gave me these 3 trees years ago {she was getting rid of them}. And until we move into a house I have been using these, and they work GREAT! They can fill a lot, but still keep it on the "skinny" {if that makes any sense}. My tree has always been white, red and silver. So this year I took out my red ornaments, to switch it up. {Yes, I have joined the masses in doing an all white Christmas tree}. But seriously there is just something so calming and classy about it. My daughter and I had a blast setting this up. And we still have our sweet red ornaments {I used them for decorations upstairs in our bedrooms this year}. YES, decorating for Christmas in our Bedrooms! Its a brand new thing for us....Yipee! ;-) {pix to come}.
Dont mind the bottom of the kids like to make messes with our Danish Christmas Elves and Fisher Price Nativity;-) I am in the process of making a ruffle tree skirt to go underneath it;-) Stay tuned!

This tree has Vintage, Rustic and some glitz and glam:-)

I LOVE snowflakes!!

I have ONE red ornament on this tree. A nail with a red ribbon tied around it. It is a sentimental thing, that helps us focus on the true meaning of Christmas. {The vintage frame has a poem that goes with it}

I think I still have a few handmade ornaments to put on this tree before it is perfectly done. You know how it is...Christmas Trees a constant work in progress. lol

And here are my vintage inspired heirloom stockings I made last year. I have this nice new garland that I bought last year to go with it....LOVE IT! ;-)
And there you have Trees this year.

Thanks for Stopping by my CC's Corner!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

PB Inspired Christmas Swag DIY

I am in LOVE with door swags these days. So I wanted to make my own. When I came across this one on Potterybarns website, it was an instant "I can totally make that"! {I love those moments};-) 

Here is the Potterybarn version.

 {I searched everywhere for big metal bells like these, but my only luck were these smaller ones at the Dollar Store. Could NOT beat the price! So this swag is inspired by PB but with my own twist }.
 *if i do come across these, you bet I will replace the ones I have, but for now these cute little ones will do.
 Here is my version

  1. I started by bunching some "naked" dry twigs together with wire.
  2. Than on top of that added my freshly clipped Evergreen. Also with wire.
  3. Next I strung all my bells together with some jute, and attached it all together with this lovely burlap wired ribbon. 
  4. Last I made a "hanger" with some wire.
And thats all folks! I think it turned out SO cute:-)
And it was EASY peasy! ;-)

Friday, November 25, 2011

LIVE Holly Wreath and a few knick knacks

I have been SO excited to put up my Christmas Decor and now the time has finally come! Yes its still November, but once Thanksgiving is over, its time for THE next holiday to be celebrated. lol
I started out by taking my kids to the Park. Yup, its been gREAT weather here so, I took them out and while they played I brought my clippers and bags for my future Christmas projects, and cut oh so many lovely greenery. {This year I want to use as much live greenery as possible}. Not only because its CHEAP or shall I say FREE, but also because it is BEAUTIFUL. {I have a special place in my heart for this kind of stuff because my Mom is a MASTER at flower arranging....and just reminds me of my sweet Mama}. So here is my first attempt at a wreath. This one is made from Holly leaves....OUCH! lol. That is what I was saying through out making this little baby. But OH it was SO worth it!! I used a already white berry wreath {like the ones they have at PB a few years ago} and covered it with Holly branches. {I used my glue gun & green wire}. 
 Finished it off with a nice piece of wired Burlap ribbon.
Than for some shabby Christmas decor I rounded up these babies, 

Mason jars :
  1. filled with antique lace/doilies
  2. Pearls and a sprig of FRESH evergreen {smells OH SO GOOD}.
  3. Vintage door knob & key holder and some other random metal goods

 OK. so I am sure I have mentioned how I LOVE Bethany Lowe Designs. Well, I happened across this lovely little guy at TJ Maxx the other day. I saw him and GASPED, A REAL "Vintage by Bethany"?! I was in love! Than I left the store, convincing myself I didnt need it....well....That was on a Saturday. ALL the rest of that weekend I could not get it out of my head! Monday morning I went back hoping he would still be there {because if he was than it was meant to be}. I could not believe it!! He was there! And $16 later I went home a happy lady:-) I think he is so cute.
So here is the first of my Christmas Decor. I am all finished with a swag I made for the front door...I just need it to be light outside so I can grab a pic and post about it. AND yup...its a PB inspired Christmas swag, so stay tuned;-)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish all of my DEAR readers a Happy and Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thank YOU for all YOUR Support in hanging out at my Creative Corner!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And here it is My Studio 5 Moment!

We had some technical difficulties, {I cant help but laugh at my sitting there and not being able to hear Brook and Darin} lol! Luckily I have NO SHAME! hahaha!

Anyways...enjoy! ;-)

Thank YOU so MUCH to Studio 5 for giving me this opportunity! ;-)

Monday, November 21, 2011

OH MY goodness...ME on TV??!!

For those of my readers who live in the Utah area, I am going to be featured on
 KSL's Studio 5, (via Skype), LIVE tomorrow! I will be talking about my Thanksgiving {Grateful} sign. 

KSL channel 5 @ 11AM
 I have wanted to go on this show like forever, so this is a "dream" of mine:-)
I am SOOOOO Excited AND nervous , so wish me LUCK;-) At least it will be from the comfort of my home. Hopefully we wont have any Skype issues.

This is my first EVER tv "gig"! lol 
{that sounds weird}
Thanks for all your support! I LOVE MY READERS!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving! {No...not Christmas Yet, though the countdown has begun}

I love Thanksgiving. Yes I know I say I love each holiday, but there is something special about it. Probably because it is right before Christmas {my favorite holiday}. It is so short, but I love it, and this year I wanted to get some decorations up that coincided with it. It gave me an excuse to keep up my fall decor that didn't have any Halloween stuff attached to it. {Like my lovely cream pumpkins}.
Every year I usually blog about things that I am thankful for from Nov 1- Thanksgiving Day. This year I wanted to do something different. And came up with this. 
It is a combination of several online inspirations:-)

Making this {GRATEFUL} sign caused me to reflect on all the things our little family is grateful for. I absolutely encourage ALL who read this to make one:-) If you are not into crafty stuff, just fill up your journal with a few pages of things you are Grateful for in your life. 
This was a heartwarming experience for me to do, and I LoVe the Value of what this little picture frame represents in our life! 
OK... I found myself a TURKEY! Yup, when I told my husband about my awesome find, he just rolled his eyes at me:-) lol! I  fell in love with the PB White ceramic turkey, but 129 $ is just a little over my budget! lol. So on the hunt I went to find a turkey figurine that I could paint white or something {to look similar to the PB one}. This silver beauty cost me $20, but now I dont know if I should paint her or not? 
Hmmm... any suggestions?
I am torn.
 This picture frame used to be black. I spray painted it Heirloom White, and than distressed it. 
Next to get the background for this picture I actually just used the cardboard backing that came with it! It already had a rustic, natural feel to it, and even had lines I could use to stay on track with  my writing. Now as for the writing, I do not have the pretties handwriting around. BUT, when you write to fill up a whole page like this, it becomes ART and as a whole looks awesome! Trust me, I have used this method MANY times in other art projects I have done, and it WORKS with even normal "non fancy" letters.  

Now, for the bottom of the display I used old sheet music, REAL Fall leaves {I use them every year. Just tell your kids to go find you some...its SO fun for them}, and some antique lace/doilies. 
 More sheet music and old books
 I always try to incorporate natural elements. here are some "pokey thingies";-) 
Some kind of thistles?
If someone knows the names of these...please feel free to comment:-)
 Some more antique books. "Beside the Bonnie Briar Bush" This one is from 1900 ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Let the Countdown begin {24 or so days until my Christmas Tree goes up}!
Until than I will enjoy this little "spread" as long as it lasts:-)

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