Thursday, April 21, 2011

Construction Party {baby 1st birthday}!

Oh my goodness how I LOVE birthdays! Especially for my babies! My little boy turned 1 so it was time to get our Party on:-) We decided on Construction Zone for his theme. {Daddy thought a Pirate theme would be better for an older birthday}. So Construction it was! It is so hard these days; trying to find something not cheesy for this theme. You know, the kind of stuff you just already buy and all the work is done! Dont get me wrong, there is a time and place for that kind of party, e.g. last year when my baby was only 1 1/2 months old it was my daughters birthday, and we resorted to Tinkerbell store bought partydecor and it was WONDERFUL! But this year I had the time and energy to do something   homemade, so that is was it became:-) I am simply smitten, goin' NUTS about some of the Party planners out there like Amy Atlas and TomkatStudio....I want to be like them someday! :-)My inspiration came from the custom invite I made. I bought this adorable scrapbook kit online; Kristin Aagard Designs. SO CUTE! And the rest is "history". It was SO fun doing this party. "Gathering" all the little candy in my them colors: yellow/orange, blue and a dash of red. Here are some pix I took while my kids where taking there naps before the party...
Do you like how it turned out?
I do:-)
It started with his custom made invite!

A went with a simple chocolate Devils food cake for this one.  Added crumbled Oreo's on top and bottom for a dirt like effect. NO fondant {my favorite for cakes} : he needed to be able to DIG into it;-)
I made this banner from a free template found at one of my favorite party sites Tomkatstudio. Her parties are TO DIE FOR! Beware if you check out her will never want to throw your parties the same way again!lol
Babies 1st year banner. A picture of him at each month mark. When I hung this up, I broke into tears....I cant believe how TINY my boy was! And wow...time just flies by, I need to ENJOY every minute with my little buba, because before you know it, he will be an all grown up smelly teenager! lol

And now I have a cute Jute banner to keep in his room {over his crib}. SO easy to make! All you need is ; Jute, pix, age tags & paperclips.....DONE!
Yummy Orange Cream Soda decorated for the occation:-) { Refreshing Drink}
Home made Cookie Pops! Tutorial to come soon:-) They were a HIT and oh so decadent!
{Drill Cakes} Chocolate cupcakes
Take home goodie bags! We had only invited the Grandparents so this was there party favors.
This tape measure was set out to 19 1/2" boys length at birth:-)
I just love Root beer barrels!
And Most Mel LOVED his cake!!! What a MESS!;-) Luv u to pieces bud!

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like a fun party!

  2. Looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!!
    I need your help brainstorming for Rhiannon's.
    Dora theme :o)

  3. Oh my you are the most creative girl on earth! Loved all the snacks and the labeling and Mel's eyes are amazingly BLUE! So handsome!


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