Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring has sprung...

 Hello Again!
I finally got around to posting my Spring Decor. I put it the day after Valentines, so I was really good this year (Did so due to the fact that Easter falls on the week after St Patrick's day). So I have been looking at this yummy greenery for some time now. Makes me so Happy! Soooooo great after the dreary Jan-Feb months. Here are a few things I threw together for this occation;

Ikea vase & greenery, Cupcake stand, Antique blue bottles, on a cute place with some burlap underneath. 

A basket full of eggs....and I found this cute basket last year. Love it!

This DIY wreath has kind of a funny story to it. I STARTED on it when I was 8 months pregnant. I finished it 4 months later....And all it is was ONE row of burlap, and 3 measly glue gun flowers. YUP THATS how things roll these days. lol....

My Beloved "Peter Rabbit" {my son named him that}. I found him online for 25$...he is originally $90!!  The first time I saw him I literally gasped. And I knew I had to have him.... I LOvE him! LOL. I know he is a rather large bunny, but when I bought him my plans for him was to be placed on my Forever Home Fireplace Mantel...{someday}. He is made out of paper mache, and is covered in a soft velvet....Such a sweet bunny he is:-) My little boy even wants him to be a honorary guest at his upcoming 3rd birthday party! LOL

And there you have it!
Spring has sprung at my Corner at last!
Simple, but I love it....


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