Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY Chalk Painted Trumeau Mirror {weathered/whitewash look}

I am simply smitten with trumeau Mirrors. I always knew I could NEVER afford a real one,the ones you can find in BD etc.  so when I came across this one in the classifies for $20 bucks I was happy to say the least!

 I instantly knew what I had in mind for this baby. A total makeover. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, {an old Scandinavian/French country type weathered white wash look} does that make sense? but unfortunately I couldn't find any online tutorials on how to do it. So I made up my own.

I have wanted to try out chalk paint forever and so on a whim I decided to try and make my own. If i didnt like it, I would go ahead and buy the real stuff. No harm done:) and I would be out well... ALOt less money than if I bought the real stuff.
I used this recipe for my paint.
Although I didnt use hot water, I basically just dumped the ingredients into the paint ,closed the lid and gave it a good shake! lol....yup thats how i roll. 
Did I like it?
Here are the paint colors I I used. They each cost under $3 bucks each. 
After prepping with some painters tape I wiped the frame down. Than I painted the first 3 coats or so with Valspars Universal Umber. 
Next with a dry brush I painted over the entire piece to give it a chalky effect. I used Valspars Thistle Seed.

Next I made a chalk paint wash out of V's Stone mason Grey. I thought this is self explanatory but I let each coat dry in between the next;-) haha!
lastly I used V English Tea Party as a type stain. I watered it way down and drenched it in some places to bring out the details. 
After it was all dry I went over with it with sand paper to distress it a bit. 
Lastly I went over it again with the Thistle Seed paint to tune it up a bit. 

My mom was cute and while I was on vacation picked a fresh batch of lavender from her garden and placed ontop of my mom:)

I am in love with the finished product! And I am so glad that I found a way to get the look I want. I WiLL be using this technique for many more furniture pieces in our New bUild. Hopefully it will bring in the look and style and design that I am going for in the overall house.

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Cat

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