Thursday, October 30, 2014

Homemade boxwood wreath.

Funny story, so I have wanted a boxwood wreath for years now. I know I know I say that with a lot of thing;) lol. I would always see them and see the price tag that was added to it... no thanks, I can totally make one of those myself for so much cheaper. Growing up in Denmark my mother used to make wreaths out of boxwood all the time. It Has kind of a sentimental value to me. It reminds me of my wonderful mama and the wonderful years that we lived in Denmark. Anyhow onto the funny story. I've been looking for one of these bushes that I could plunder FOREVER! But I had no luck in finding a bush. :-( So I have decided to plant lots and lots in my new home.) By the way update , on our house: our building application is currently being processed. Smile!:)
Ok so, we own a rental property. We are about to put it on the market to sell after owning it for our entire marriage. I went there together day with my husband to help clean up and get the house already to go and to my surprise there in the front yard was a beautiful boxwood Bush. how have I not notice this bush before?! It was hidden in between a couple of other big bushes and I guess it never really had a chance to breathe. Oh my , I went crazy! Yes I trimmed the darling thing. It will look wonderful next year, with lots of room to grow;) I would love to see how it turns out but unfortunately since were putting the house on the market I probably won't ever get to use the boxwood again ,so I will have to patiently wait until I can plant my garden sometime in the next 2 years. 

This is how I DIY'd my very own boxwood wreath.
Started out with choosing the size of wreath I wanted to use . I bought a few with my 40% off coupon at hobby lobby. I used a  dark grapevine wreath to make sure that it would blend into the rest of the branches.

Then I used some green wire to wrap around the wreath. 

I was than able to take tiny pieces of boxwood and tuck them into the wreath. I had to do a couple of layers to make sure that it all turned out even. 

Absolutely love how it turned out! . I finished it off By adding a cute black-and-white striped ribbon and hung  it up onto my lovely mirror.. 
Here is a picture of the finished product.
With a little Halloween Decor.

The boo queen from a few years ago, and a cute little spell book made with the one and only Lindsay at countrygirlhome

here is my little Halloween autumn vignette for this year. I wanted to show a tiny bit of my Halloween Decor. Picture is without the lights.
What lights you ask ? I have some lovely Halloween lights that flicker. I simply taped them to the back of my "entrée table" so you cannot see the actual light bulbs or wires. Love the ambience it gives. I used some of the leftover boxwood to place in a little white vase with some of the same black-and-white striped ribbon for a bow. I am quite pleased with my Halloween fall decorations this year. Have to keep it simple and not get everything out since a lot of our things are still in storage. 
I'm already making plans for what to decorate with for the house when it's finally done. People might think I'm crazy but this is such a joy for me.:) what I have in mind is lots and lots of boxwood wreaths at christmas! I think these are evergreens, but u get the idea. Our diningroom will have this kind  of windows.. 5 of them:)
Here's my inspiration photo: 

... and I am just tickled that our building permit is FINALLY being processed! 

Happy Halloween everyone!
~ Cat


  1. Your wreath looks great! I love boxwood wreaths as well. Have a great day! ~ Jamie

    1. Thanks so much Jamie! Yes, boxwood is so pretty:) a classic for sure. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Cat great job on the wreath, it looks fantastic!!! Seriously! :) Your are going to have so much fun decorating your house.

    1. Oh Linds, I can't wait! Thanks for the nice compliment:)


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