Monday, December 12, 2011

Aluminum {mercury glass inspired} Christmas Ornaments...DIY

I keep seeing these branches spray painted white so I had to give a go at it myself! So I found my branch {one that I used for both my halloween AND thanksgiving decor this year}. Spray painted it. 
Than hung it up with some fish string. Its so cool, because its "invisible". Next I added a few homemade foil paper ornaments! haha! I know what you are thinking...tacky! Oh well, I like how they turned out, they remind me of old mercury glass or old metal. 
 To make the flat ornaments I took a square piece of foil. 
Used modgepodge to stick it together as I folded it over a few times to get it thicker/sturdier. 
Than I cute out the shapes and crinkled it a bit for texture. 
Last I used some black/dark brown glaze paint to give it the "rusty" like look. (Wiping off any exess).
Once dry strung them with fish string too. 
 And done. I also added a few $ store silver ornaments.
 Makes a great overhang for our Nativity!
Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy these next 12 days until Christmas comes! ;-)

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