Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year! {2012 vignette}

What a wonderful Christmas we had this year! Such a special time for our little family. Today I began the "taking down" of the Christmas decor...sniff sniff. As usual I take everything down but my Tree. I wait to take them down until January 1. I love ringing in the New Year with the twinkleing Christmas lights in my living room. While growing up in Denmark, New Years Eve was always a BIG deal. Parties and Fireworks galore! We all would stand on a couch or chair and once the old towns clock in Copenhagen struck its twelfth chime we would "jump" into the new year. From outside could be heard a hurrendious sound of somethin like a war zone of fireworks filled the air. we would all wish each other a Happy New Year, sing the Danish new years anthem, and thus proceed to watch the queen of Denmarks Annual new years address to the nation. Whew...what the walk down memory lane!! So, to lighten up my spirits And saddened empty that the lack of Christmas decor left my home and heart, I decided to make a New Years vignette.
And let me Indeed lightened my spirits to welcome in this 2012 year! A new year, new hope, new life, new dreams, new memories to be had, and new adventures!

 I kept up my cream painted branch, than looked up online "Vintage Clock" images. I downloaded them, and printed them up in black and white onto some cut up lunch sacks! lol. Than I embellished them with some old bookpage "firework" details. Hot glued it all together and added clear thread so they seem like they are "floating". And now I have Clocks hanging ornaments:-)
Here is a close up....Oh and I added GLITTER of corse! 
 Another close up...
 I had this picture mat lying around {a leftover from a Christmas present I made}. I knew it would come in handy! Quickly busted out my new Cricut machine {Santa totally surprised me with it this year...Oh how I LOVE my Santa};-) It happily cut out the {2012} for me. Than again added glitter to it all. {its hard to see on the pic}.
 My sweet Vintage B.L Snowman looked GREAT with this, AND I am so glad that he can follow my decor into the New Year!
 For some texture I used glitter Stars, silver ribbon and again my Cricut busted out these adorable snowflakes. Natural colored paper confetti and a antique crochet doily for the backdrop. I also added some crystal beads for some Bling. {New Years Eve is all about Bling right}?
 I filled some crystal toasting glasses with Pearls....ahh I love me some pearls!
And there you have it, A New Years Vignette, made of things I had lying around the house.

 Happy New Years!


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