Monday, August 9, 2010

My Danish Great Grandmas antique Chair Revamp

Ok, so I have like a few antique furniture pieces that have been passed down to me from Denmark. When we came to the states back in 97' my parents loaded up a huge "Evergreen" container with all of our belongings to bring over from there. When my parents divorced I got a lot of the old furniture since I have ALWAYS loved Antiques ever since I was a little girl. And this was one of them. My Great Grandmothers old chair, with no seat. My parents always wanted to fix it up but never got around to it, and I saved it from being trashed. For the longest time I have been thinking about what color to do it. Red, Black, White, but than I saw this chair idea on a website my friend told me about, I simply fell in love! ( You know I visit that site like 5 times a day!) And the colors she used for her old chair. LOVE IT! Anyhow, so here is my first attempt to Spraypaint & antique a piece of furniture, and I am IN LOVE...for real! I love this color and the antiquing was so easy! And Cheap too:-) A few bucks for the spraypaint, and $14 for Ralph Lauren Glaze, that will like last me for the rest of my life, one uses so little.
Now, the hunt is on for the right fabric to make a seat. (Here is the chair all done with fabric and all)
And now all my other handmedown furniture & antiques (100yr old headboards, 1920's Pfaff sewing machine) wont seem as intimidating for me to redo anymore:-)

Click on images to take a closer look


  1. The color is perfect, and I love that you have transformed a chair that has such personal connections in a way that is both lovely and appropriate!

  2. thanks Jenclair! It really is special if you can find heirloom things to revamp. Makes things fun!


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