Friday, August 27, 2010

Chair Finished!

Here it is! I finished the seat. I ran out of staples, so it is "fluffier" than I wanted it to be, so still needs a few small adjustments, but I finished it:-) At least so we can use it in our photoshot coming on saturday, that my sweet sister in law Cherie will be doing for us. We have a sweet deal, I do her family pix and she does mine. :-) She does beautiful work. I really cant wait! Check out her blog here
Anyhow, back to my new chair! It is my favorite peice of furniture right now, and I just love my little "corner" where I placed it. Really you need to check out Allthingsthrifty, they have me addicted to this color and I keep using it throughout my little apartment. LOVE IT! 

Check out the before pix here


  1. it looks awesome! i love the color and fabric- it's a very h appy corner now!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Cassie! I sure do love my little corner:-)lol


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