Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Painters cloth table runner

Super easy project....

Measure how big you want your table runner...

 sew around the edges to prevent fraying...

tape it off where you want your design to be...

paint....( i used acrulic craft paint)

let it dry...


Advent Candle Calender

This year I made a simple advent calender to count down the 4 sundays before Christmas. The usual tradition in Denmark is to make a wreath and place the candles on top of it. Well, I didn't have the time this year to make a wreath, so i just used some bottles and candles, placed them in my old antique sewing machine drawer with some hazelnuts for filler. I covered the ``coca cola``  on the bottles just with some plain brown paper. I couldn't decide on what to wrap them in, so it just ended up like this. Kind of half done I think..but i now have an easy alternative to the Advent wreath for next year. Perhaps next year I will wrap with some jute or the like....

My children truly have LOVED this tradition, of lighting one candle every sunday up to Christmas. We light the candle /candles, than turn off all the lights in the house, sing christmas carols...and just enjoy the ``light`` these little candles bring.

Super easy....and I love it;-)

This is our song book we use. (Given to my husband and I on our first christmas` together, Thanks Farmor (Grandma)!

Next week by this time it will be CHRISTMAS EVE! Eeeeeee :-)

We are beyond excited in this house. :-)

Merry Christmas...


Monday, December 2, 2013

Painted Painters cloth Christmas Pillow

I finally finished these Christmas pillows that I have been working on since...hmmm....October?! 
I basically had the stenciled fabric in the closet for some time now, and all it needed was some pillows and sewing. So here they are. Loving the silhouettes I found this one on the internet ( I just googled it and this little guy popped up), printed it, cut it out and stenciled this little Drummer boy in the fabric with some craf paint. I got the idea from Dear Lillie. (love her stuff). I almost broke down and just bought her whole line of these, but I knew I could save a buck making them myself. And so I did. 
 Since I covered my couch pillows with these I made sure to only stitch something easy on the machine to pull out once christmas is over.
 OH and than I had to share this little picture. I am longing for a fireplace in my own home someday (big huuuuuuge siiiiiighhh), anyhow I would LOVE to put a nice wood sign with something to this sort over my mantle... someday, BUT until than I will be making a home made chalk sign instead. Made out of Painters drop paper (is that what it is called)? And some pastels...A white chalky one:-)
I love it. Not perfect (you see...Im NOT perfect...its just like me:-) And THAT is why I love it.
NOw I am off to finish cleaning my house. I have 27 people coming over for hot chocolate tonight (we go and visit our local christmas lights village) and a tornado of a 15 months old to keep up after until than...MUST keep the HOUSE clean...Hopefully I succeed.
Merry Christmas.

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