Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Button Nursery Wall Art {the beginning of a Vintage inspired Nursery}

I am expecting a baby girl this Early September! And I am SO very excited to start on her nursery decor. Its one of those things that keeps me busy and not thinking about how uncomfortable I am at the moment! lol
But I have to say it has been a challenge having 2 other little ones run around me, so hopefully I will get everything done in the next 12 weeks! 
My oldest daughter's room was pinks, reds and greens {with Vintage Cicily Mary Barker Fairies}  so this time around I wanted something different. This time I want to try and make a Vintage Inspired Nursery, in Creams, whites, Champagne Pink and a touch of Red....with a touch of Danish Fairy Tales.
I am still on the hunt for the perfect fabric for the Champagne Pink {with no luck}, so I will keep searching until I do. 
Here is my first project completed for our Sweet baby {E}. I bought this frame at the $1 store. Than added some rustic linen type fabric to the back. {I removed the glass}. Than with my glue gun in hand and a million of white & cream buttons i started gluing away....... 
Here is the end result....

 I even found an old antique pearl earring that I have had for YEARS {and I mean when I was a little girl, this beauty used to sit in my jewelry box, all alone missing the other one}. I have always been a "collector" of things old;-)
 The cool thing about his is that I can always add new buttons to it, if I come across any i like. 
 This shelf was one that I had in the nursery already {I moved my little boy in with his big sister}...kept all of his nursery furniture for the next baby. 
 Twas origionally cherry....I painted and distressed it....I LOVE how it turned out!
Here is the BEFORE

Well stay tuned for my other nursery projects. I FINALLY can begin on them, now that I have both of my kiddies birthday parties out of the way:-)
Wish me good luck...this is my FIRST pregnancy that will last ALL SUMMER LONG! lol
I seriously give thanks in all of my prayers that I have AC! ;-)

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Tea Party Hats DIY

So I promised to show how I made these sweet little party hats for my girls party. They were super easy to make! I found the actual tutorial on this blog:
 than I switched it up a bit. 
Heres How I made it:
I first used JonesDesignCo's template...
on some scrapbooking paper. Stapled it together....
Than I 
I used crunched crepe paper.....for the bottoms...
 Hot glued it careful....its HOT! ouch {I burned my fingers a few times}

 Than for the last bit, I cut some bakers twine {red and white striped} and taped it on the inside of the hats....Easy Peasy!
The End;-)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Littlest Petshop Tea Party {my sweet daughter turns 5}

So when your daughter asks for a Littlest Petshop Teaparty, and there is NOTHING that you can buy premade for such an event, my creative wheels started turning and turning for months and months! lol. She is currently obsessed with these cute little figurines, so it was fun for me to try and find a way that I could incorporate them into a teaparty theme. We do not have a backyard, so we "borrowed" my Grandmothers for the special event. My inspiration for this party came from The Sweetest Occation blog; Simply fell in love with the Robin Eggs blue, pink and Red colors. Not to mention how sweet the Strawberries are!! I am sweet on Strawberries.....;-)
I pasted and edited using Photoshop to make all the Petshop details.   {I will try and see if I can make some downloads for those of you who might want to use them too.}
It was a challenge to not have swollen feet by the time we were all done celebrating {being 6 1/2 months pregnant and all}. But the birthday was a success, and our Red Headed Beauty loved every minute of it!! 
So here you go! 

The Invitation...

My Great Grandma V's Patio with added homemade Pom Poms for decor

The Tea Party
Jigglers, Cheese and Grapes, Blueberries and rasberries...YUM
{homemade Party Hats...tutorial to come}

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Her Littlest Petshop Cake
{Strawberry flavored cake}
{Pink Lemonade Cupcakes}

Two LPS's....she named them Lady- buggy and Cottencandy

Fondant strawberry flowers, leaves and Strawberries

We made Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches as well as PB & J's. 

And my Sweet Birthday girl....

Monday, May 7, 2012

Vintage Train Party {my baby boy is 2}!

Yes, FINALLY a REAL POST! haha! I know, its been a while....{I feel like I am repeating myself}, but now things are moving along in my household. And I am feeling good. My first big task of the year was to plan my boys 2'nd birthday party. I still had to keep it simple, because of the fact of me being 5 months pregnant at the time. So we invited just the birthday boys Grandparents and one little cousin. {They are only 11 days apart}. My boy is completely obsessed with ANYTHING with wheels....and Trains have been his latest pastime. He can sit for ever building and running his little Ikea train set. And so a train party was quite appropriate for his special day....
He had a great day, and it ended up being a success. I didnt spend too much time on setting up a background, so please enjoy pictures of my apartment:-)
Here are pix....enjoy!

My custom Made Invite....i luv me some Photoshop! Best buck I ever spent!
The spread: chocolate cake, black cherry cream soda, Blimpie Sandwiches, chips & "curly apples".

This little fancy machine was given to my by my mother in law. SUPER cool! It peels, cuts and cores your apples for you. It was a hit! 

I used newpapers & cream burlap for the tablecloth.

Our party favors: conductor hats, scarfs, candy and kazoos. {I tried to find train whistles, with no kazoos it was!}
Thank yOu Blimpie Sub Shop! For keeping it simple for me! :-) 

The Cake. Chocolate chip cake with Butter cream frosting. And a homemade fondant Locomotive.  Took A LOT of black food coloring to get this color! :-)

I realize first now, after posting these pix, that I forgot the cowcatcher! lol....
ahhh gotta love Pregnancy Brain! lol

This was such a fun cake to make!

I made this cake topper from newspaper, and my cricket machine. Super simple and EASY PEASY!

Our Sweet Birthday Boy!
He LOVED the party, and all its Trains...especially his cake:-)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring!

Happy Spring everyone!

Oh dear, were do I begin? Well, as you might have noticed I have been a super blogger slacker! But for good reasons mind you. I am so thrilled to announce that my sweet husband and I are expecting our 3rd child, due this September!!!!
And that is why I have been "under the weather";-) You see, with all of my pregnancies I have suffered from horrible morning sickness, and it usually lasts throughout my whole pregnancy. I basically go into "walking zombie" mode for 9 months. It usually gets less intense by week 20 or so, and I finally get a break from my frequent visits with mr porcelain, whom I than only get to visit than once or twice a week....instead of everyday, all day long. 
Anyhow, this Pregnancy my tiny little one has decided to give me a break from it all, and I now at week 16 I feel like I should by week 20. Thus giving me some energy, and desire to slowly start creating again! Emphasis on Slowly!lol....{I dont want to count my chickens before they are hatched}.  My kids are happier too, now that I can actually play with them {instead of me laying on the couch all day with my bucket, and them in front of the tv for entertainment} I know...what a horrible mother...but ,You do what you have to do, when one is in survival mode. And Oh how happy we are when Daddy comes home from work!
 Anyhow, I felt that my blogging break needed some explaining, so there you have it!
We are so excited!
Stay tuned for some baby inspired projects! :-) But for now, I will just repost some of my favorite Easter Projects, like my cute Jute Eggs.

Jute Easter Egg Tutorial {Repost}
 So here is the recipe so you can make  your own. Feel free to make as many as you want! I only ask (since this is my original idea) that if you want to make your own and post it on the web that you link it back to my blog. AND SEND ME YOUR PICTURES! I want to see what you all can come up with ;-) 
Thanks and have fun creating!
Oh and dont forget to become a Follower:-)
Leave me a comment if you have any questions:-)

You will need:
  • Regular size ballons or water ballons {blown up to desired size of egg}
  • Jute
  • Glue {one that dries clear}
  • water
  • scissors

  1. First blow up your balloons. YOu can either use regular birthday balloons, or water balloons. Just depends on what size you want. I find that water balloons make it more "egg" shaped. Birthday balloons can get to be too "round" if you blow it up too big.
  2. Make a mixture of 1/2 part Water to 1/2 part Glue in a bowl. Mix.
  3. Cut a loooooong piece of Jute {dont worry if you run out during wrapping the ballon, you can just start with a new piece since everything is "glued" together.} 
  4. Drench your Jute trying not to tangle it up too much....dont get scared because it is VERY messy!
  5. Tie your drenched jute end to the top of the ballon and start wrapping it. Begin from the top to the bottom over and over than go cross ways. Kind of play with it, it really is hard to mess it up. Just make sure that it is tight. 
  6. When all done place it on a surface like an old paper bag. Let dry overnight. For the smaller egg {water ballon} it is possible to dry it with a blow dryer, mostly but you must still leave it overnight. The string needs to be completely dry and "crispy" before the next step.
  7. When it is dry wrap your scissors and....POP it! Its like magic when it does, because suddenly you will have a beautiful egg! :-)
Decorate it anyway you want, for the bird nest one the jute was still a bit pliable so I could work my hand into it. I placed toile, ripped fabric for ribbon and a bird silhouette inside.
 For a bird just google bird silhouette images and you can pick what you like. Print it out, cut out with scissors and  trace it onto card stock. Cut THAT out and stick a piece of wire to it so you can stick it right down thru the nest of the egg. 

Spruced up with a bit of green, blue & white ribbon/fabric strips.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I know...its been a while...

So sorry to have not posted until now!! I have been under the weather so badly that I have not had the energy to make any new projects. But I hope that I will be feeling better soon, so I can start up creating again!

Until than....thanks for hanging around sweet readers...I have not forgotten you! :-)

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