Monday, November 28, 2011

My Burlap, white & silver Christmas Trees..

I have told this story before, but we have a tiny little place. And thus, a normal sized Christmas tree would just be too large for our "skinny" living room. So my mother in law gave me these 3 trees years ago {she was getting rid of them}. And until we move into a house I have been using these, and they work GREAT! They can fill a lot, but still keep it on the "skinny" {if that makes any sense}. My tree has always been white, red and silver. So this year I took out my red ornaments, to switch it up. {Yes, I have joined the masses in doing an all white Christmas tree}. But seriously there is just something so calming and classy about it. My daughter and I had a blast setting this up. And we still have our sweet red ornaments {I used them for decorations upstairs in our bedrooms this year}. YES, decorating for Christmas in our Bedrooms! Its a brand new thing for us....Yipee! ;-) {pix to come}.
Dont mind the bottom of the kids like to make messes with our Danish Christmas Elves and Fisher Price Nativity;-) I am in the process of making a ruffle tree skirt to go underneath it;-) Stay tuned!

This tree has Vintage, Rustic and some glitz and glam:-)

I LOVE snowflakes!!

I have ONE red ornament on this tree. A nail with a red ribbon tied around it. It is a sentimental thing, that helps us focus on the true meaning of Christmas. {The vintage frame has a poem that goes with it}

I think I still have a few handmade ornaments to put on this tree before it is perfectly done. You know how it is...Christmas Trees a constant work in progress. lol

And here are my vintage inspired heirloom stockings I made last year. I have this nice new garland that I bought last year to go with it....LOVE IT! ;-)
And there you have Trees this year.

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  1. i love them, where did you get them?

  2. so pretty! love the mix of rustic burlap with glittery silvers!

  3. I love these color combinations for Christmas!! Great job! Your newest fan!!


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