Thursday, October 30, 2014

Homemade boxwood wreath.

Funny story, so I have wanted a boxwood wreath for years now. I know I know I say that with a lot of thing;) lol. I would always see them and see the price tag that was added to it... no thanks, I can totally make one of those myself for so much cheaper. Growing up in Denmark my mother used to make wreaths out of boxwood all the time. It Has kind of a sentimental value to me. It reminds me of my wonderful mama and the wonderful years that we lived in Denmark. Anyhow onto the funny story. I've been looking for one of these bushes that I could plunder FOREVER! But I had no luck in finding a bush. :-( So I have decided to plant lots and lots in my new home.) By the way update , on our house: our building application is currently being processed. Smile!:)
Ok so, we own a rental property. We are about to put it on the market to sell after owning it for our entire marriage. I went there together day with my husband to help clean up and get the house already to go and to my surprise there in the front yard was a beautiful boxwood Bush. how have I not notice this bush before?! It was hidden in between a couple of other big bushes and I guess it never really had a chance to breathe. Oh my , I went crazy! Yes I trimmed the darling thing. It will look wonderful next year, with lots of room to grow;) I would love to see how it turns out but unfortunately since were putting the house on the market I probably won't ever get to use the boxwood again ,so I will have to patiently wait until I can plant my garden sometime in the next 2 years. 

This is how I DIY'd my very own boxwood wreath.
Started out with choosing the size of wreath I wanted to use . I bought a few with my 40% off coupon at hobby lobby. I used a  dark grapevine wreath to make sure that it would blend into the rest of the branches.

Then I used some green wire to wrap around the wreath. 

I was than able to take tiny pieces of boxwood and tuck them into the wreath. I had to do a couple of layers to make sure that it all turned out even. 

Absolutely love how it turned out! . I finished it off By adding a cute black-and-white striped ribbon and hung  it up onto my lovely mirror.. 
Here is a picture of the finished product.
With a little Halloween Decor.

The boo queen from a few years ago, and a cute little spell book made with the one and only Lindsay at countrygirlhome

here is my little Halloween autumn vignette for this year. I wanted to show a tiny bit of my Halloween Decor. Picture is without the lights.
What lights you ask ? I have some lovely Halloween lights that flicker. I simply taped them to the back of my "entrĂ©e table" so you cannot see the actual light bulbs or wires. Love the ambience it gives. I used some of the leftover boxwood to place in a little white vase with some of the same black-and-white striped ribbon for a bow. I am quite pleased with my Halloween fall decorations this year. Have to keep it simple and not get everything out since a lot of our things are still in storage. 
I'm already making plans for what to decorate with for the house when it's finally done. People might think I'm crazy but this is such a joy for me.:) what I have in mind is lots and lots of boxwood wreaths at christmas! I think these are evergreens, but u get the idea. Our diningroom will have this kind  of windows.. 5 of them:)
Here's my inspiration photo: 

... and I am just tickled that our building permit is FINALLY being processed! 

Happy Halloween everyone!
~ Cat

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Old chair makeover {part 1}

I have owned this chair for a good 5 yrs or so now. I bought it at a local craft fair for 35$. I have LOVED it for such a long time, and still do. The only problem I had with it was the fabric. Not my favorite. I have painted so many things in my home this lovely krylon ocean breeze but I'm ready for a change. So I decided after much thought to paint this beauty.
 Going more with what I have in mind for our new home, I decided to Scandinavian it up a bit;) gustavian style if u will:) getting back to my roots I tell ya, lol! 

I used the same colorsas my tremour mirror revamp. only I omitted the dark glaze. I still Havnt found the right fabric for the seat yet, so I just used something to cover it up for now. Stay tuned for part 2 for that update. Forgive me with my lame cell pix, my Mac keyboard is MIA during the move and I am still trying to replace it so no nice NIkon pix for now. 
I still need to touch up the back rest a bit...

I love it!
Now, some advice please. I want to give my bar stools a makeover. 
I'm not a fan of the red undertones in the  wood. Never have been. These chairs where a storage unit find so...
They looked good in my old kitchen. But the plan is my new kitchen will be a creamy white.
 So I am thinking to paint them

 With a glaze maybe?? 

Or leave the wood and just paint the black? Oh and I will need to add a new seat cover. Help. I've been wreaking my brain trying to decide and ...well...I just can't! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

3 days later...chalkboard complete

I finished! I can't believe I actually kept my fchalk away from this for 3 whole days! Once it was all dry I "seasoned" my chalkboard by running the long flat side of my chalk all over the board first vertically and horizontally.
Than I wiped it down with a soft dry cloth. 
Next I looked up some chalkboard inspirations via Pinterest and started the fun! I free handed this, not too bad I think for my first try:)
I loved this project! 

The End

Monday, September 1, 2014

DIY Chalkboard from an old picture

I am sure you have all seen the huge large chalkboards out there with the most beautiful lettering art on them. They are everywhere and I have wanted to try out to make one for some time now. 
My family and I moved to a temporary condo close to where we will be building our house. The way things are looking we most likely will try to break ground this spring. (Crossing our fingers). 
Until than we have this adorable little condo, and I get to decorate decorate decorate!:) annnd I will be using lots of command strips, lol. I am slowly putting things together, keeping in mind that whatever I create will eventually go in our forever home. So I wanted to try out making my own chalk board.
my mom had this old picture frame in her basement, and She wasn't using it for anything so she gave it to me. And it was perfect for that huge chalkboard that I soooo envy other bloggers owning. And the frame was perfect too for it! The original gold it was painted was a little drab so I painted it Annie Sloans Graphite. ( oh dear how I am in LOVE with this color). LOVE I say:) 

Her is the BEFoRE picture:
I removed the glass and backing. Than cleaned it . I let it sit while I started on the frame. I painted the graphite on and than took a wet rag to rub off some of the paint to help the gold show thru. 

After that I started painting the glass. I used rust-oleums chalk board paint. This paint is awesome! I painted strait on the glass. About 4 layers. It takes a while to dry between layers so I had to be patient. 4 hrs between coats...sooo temping!
Once dried I placed it back in the frame. I have to wait a whole 3 days to use chalk on it, so I am on day 1 right now. Once I reach Wednesday or Thursday I will  than "Season" it. I can't wait! 

And here is the AFTER:
Please forgive me for posting this corner without any real decor. I'm still in the process of unpacking.
I can't wait to see how it will look all chalky. And hung up on the wall!
Now, on another note:
Introducing my new horse! I have wanted one of these forever and when I happened upon him at Tai Pan trading co I had to have him! The original one I fell in love with was white, but I still like him like this. 
What do u think dear reader? Shall I paint and antique him? 
If so he would look like this 
Thanks for stopping by!
Stay tuned for the chalkbaord all chalked (is that even a word) up!lol anyways...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY Chalk Painted Trumeau Mirror {weathered/whitewash look}

I am simply smitten with trumeau Mirrors. I always knew I could NEVER afford a real one,the ones you can find in BD etc.  so when I came across this one in the classifies for $20 bucks I was happy to say the least!

 I instantly knew what I had in mind for this baby. A total makeover. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, {an old Scandinavian/French country type weathered white wash look} does that make sense? but unfortunately I couldn't find any online tutorials on how to do it. So I made up my own.

I have wanted to try out chalk paint forever and so on a whim I decided to try and make my own. If i didnt like it, I would go ahead and buy the real stuff. No harm done:) and I would be out well... ALOt less money than if I bought the real stuff.
I used this recipe for my paint.
Although I didnt use hot water, I basically just dumped the ingredients into the paint ,closed the lid and gave it a good shake! lol....yup thats how i roll. 
Did I like it?
Here are the paint colors I I used. They each cost under $3 bucks each. 
After prepping with some painters tape I wiped the frame down. Than I painted the first 3 coats or so with Valspars Universal Umber. 
Next with a dry brush I painted over the entire piece to give it a chalky effect. I used Valspars Thistle Seed.

Next I made a chalk paint wash out of V's Stone mason Grey. I thought this is self explanatory but I let each coat dry in between the next;-) haha!
lastly I used V English Tea Party as a type stain. I watered it way down and drenched it in some places to bring out the details. 
After it was all dry I went over with it with sand paper to distress it a bit. 
Lastly I went over it again with the Thistle Seed paint to tune it up a bit. 

My mom was cute and while I was on vacation picked a fresh batch of lavender from her garden and placed ontop of my mom:)

I am in love with the finished product! And I am so glad that I found a way to get the look I want. I WiLL be using this technique for many more furniture pieces in our New bUild. Hopefully it will bring in the look and style and design that I am going for in the overall house.

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Cat

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Mora Table Clock redo

A few years ago I was doing my regular houzz browsing when I saw a clock that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! It looked like a grandfather clock of some sort...than after some research I discovered it was called a Mora clock. An old antique clock found in Scandinavia, Sweden to be exact. 
How on earth did I miss this in my Scandinavian upbringing?! 
I realize now that when I was little in Denmark and I drew grandfather clocks they were indeed very similar to the Mora clocks. With the beautiful rounded features... I guess I did know what they were;) so glad I opened up my subconscious mind to them again!:-) lol....
With the research that I did I quickly discovered that I would not be able to afford an authentic one until I would be old and retired (hopefully). I currently have started a Cats Mora clock fund for that dream to be fulfilled.;) I am taking donations too so feel free to contribute ;) hehehe. 
So I was searching the internet for replicas, diys etc. And than one day in my inbox I see this bit of lovely sent from a website that sends u deals each day. A Mora style table clock!! I snatched it up As FAst As I could! I knew the black finish wasn't really true Mora clock style, and upon receiving it in the mail I saw how much I truly disliked the distressing done to this. All good reasons in my mind to paint it. 

The black really wasn't That bad but...
...I HATED the red that was showing under the black....not my style. (If it wasn't for that I might have considered keeping it black).

Here were my diy chalk paint choices:

Valspar Stone Mason
Devine Colors Horizon by Target 
(love this new light/minty/cream color!!)
Valspar English Tea Party
Folk Art metallic gold craft paint

I started with 2 coats of the Stone Mason
Than one thin coat of Horizon.
I than painted and than wiped quickly off with a rag the gold. Only on some places to bring out the details.
Once I was done with that, I made a wash/glaze with the English Tea party. And did THIS so it leaked all over.

I quickly dabbed / wiped it all off/down over the entire thing.

A few touch ups here and there to get the effect I wanted ( I added one more thin dry brush coat of the horizon all over and there...kind of felt like painting a picture;)

A close up...
I really love how it turned out. The gold only shows up at certain angles and that I love! I will have to finish up the inside of the clock another time.

But what do u think? Shall I keep it like this? 

Or perhaps paint it all a solid Horizon?

 The beauty of paint is that I can change it again when I get tired of this. I have even played with the idea of painting it that lovely ASCP Graphite if I want to go back to a dark color.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Antique End Table revamp

I have lots of painting projects to complete before the house is done. Given that we r still waiting to break ground means that I have ALOT of time to use on planning how I want our decor to look like. It's driving me slitely crazy, all the time we have to wait to turn in our building permit. One word= moratorium. Don't know what that means? Google it. Basically it stinks when u have your application ready to go and the county won't even look at it until the moratorium has been lifted. Enough venting...Moving
With all This extra time I get to paint paint paint! Especially with the summer weather, it's perfect for it!
These lovely antique endtables were a gift from my hubs. He knows that I love antiques and whenever he runs into them  he thinks of me:) I instantly knew that I wanted to paint them and already had the color mind. I have been wanting to try out Annie Sloans Chalk paint so I figured I would splurge and buy some. I made my own chalk paint which I Loved how it turned out. But for this project I wanted a particular color and I didn't want to mess around trying to create the same color only discovering that it didn't work the way I wanted it. So I suggest; make your own chalk paint if u r willing to play around to get the effect you want. If u mean business, and want a VERY spacific color, buy the ASCP:) I did and let me tell u...I LoVe it!
I used Annie Sloans Graphite, it's a soft grey/blue/charcoal. 

The great thing abou chalk paint is that I didn't have to sand or prime it before.
Removed the cute little doors and with a dry brush lightly went over the metal parts with gold acrylic paint. I painted only 2 coats of the graphite, I love the texture this paint has.

And here she is all finished!
I love it!!!!!!! If I could hug it I would;)
I kept the inside the original color, so as to be able to see displayed things inside.
One missing piece for the door... but doesn't bother me...:) the other unfinished endtable has both knobs in tact to it will balance it out;) adds character;)

I distressed the corners and details to make them stand out more. I still have to put wax on it to finish it up, but I could not wait to share this so, here ya go! Now tomorrow I will be finishing up the wax and than start on endtable nr 2! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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