Thursday, September 23, 2010

Martha Stewart Revamp...

Halloween is coming, and I am so excited this year. I have been kind of a bah humbug for a few years about decorating for it (too much "cheesy or too disturbing Halloween decorations out there). Because I have a 3 yr old I wanted to get into the "spirit", and finally have found some decorations that "work" for me.  Ran off to Tai Pan Trading, and started buying small cute things but I needed a little more stuff and wasn't willing to pay an arm and a leg for it.  Martha Stewart had a tutorial on how to make these super cute paper lanterns, but of course the supplies needed were things that would again, cost me arm and a leg for only Paper Decorations. So I had to find an alternative...


I used 1 Kix Cereal box, cut it to work with her template, than spray painted the whole thing with glossy black paint.  While it dried I printed out on regular paper Marthas templates, than traced them onto the tissue. I cut it to shape so it would fit inside of the boxes. I made a little hole in the back of the box ( so I can insert some christmas lights later on, or perhaps even buy those battery operated votive candles.) So EASY~ SO CHEAP~ SO CUTE!
So, yeah instead of spending up to $20 bucks on Marthas idea (which by the way is soooo very cute, but not quite the time or $ that I want to make home made paper crafts that most likely will only last me this Halloween), I spent.....a grand total of.....$ 0.00! Yep I had all this stuff laying around the house....:-)

Needless to say I am a happy camper, and so is my little girl who is LOVING all of her "new halloween stuff" as she calls it.

ps. the smaller lantern with the moon is made out of a fruit snack box:-)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bookcase transformation

We have been collecting The 100 greatest books ever written from Easton Press for about 5 yrs now. Love the classics. And they are stacking up! I was on the search for an inexpensive bookcase and came across this one on KSL Classifies. $45 dollars later, a few coats of spray paint primer, Krylon's Ivory and Ralph Lauren's Glaze and Viola.....A NEW BOOKCASE! I love it, it really lightens up our room and helps out with our storage clutter. I cant wait to reclaim it someday too! The plan is when we build our future home we will have an office with built in bookcases and than I can have this piece for my doodads in my dining room:-) All good things! :-) I am so pleased how it turned out. (Now I will need a few days to rest my "painting muscles"; leg muscles are aching, and my right index finger that feels like its gonna fall off! lol )
Oh hurts!



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hazelnut cake Recipe from Holsteinborg Castle Denmark

I have an old danish recipe book that my mother gave me many years ago. It features classic Danish recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. But guess from where? DANISH CASTLES AND MANORS! Cool huh! So, I will be making these and blogging the english translation to them. Reason being that 1~they are in Danish AND 2~they run on the metric system e.g. measurements are in grams and liters. So, my first featured recipe comes from the Castle of Holsteinborg located on the island of Sjaelland.
Here is a little background about the Castle. 
The famous Childrens fairy tale author H.C. Andersen (Little Mermaid, Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina and many more ) even lived there for a time....

Holsteinborg Castle was built by the Trolle family between 1598 and 1651 but has been owned by the Holstein family for 12 generations, since 1707. The impressive main building consists of four two storey interconnected wings surrounded by a moat. The castle is surrounded by an extensive, undulationg park, which falls gently away to the south towards Holsteinborg Cove. Because of its outstanding beautiful setting, the castle is one of the best known in Denmark. From the main building you can enjoy the view of the Småland Sea and the great Belt, including the idyllic small islands, Glænø and Ormø.

Hans Christian Andersen visited Holsteinborg Castle for the first time in may 1856 following innumerable invitations from Count Ludvig Holstein and Countess Joachimine (Mimi) Holstein. Until his death (1875), he returned to the castle almost every year, 35 times in all. Here he truly felt at home. On a photograph taken on the veranda in 1870 he wrote:" At Holsteinborg my sun-picture was created. For here fairytales in my heart was laid."


1 cup Hazelnuts
1 cup dark chocolate ( I used morsels)
4 large egg whites
8 TBS granulated Sugar

Whip cream for garnish

Coarsely chop nuts and chocolate. Beat egg whites and sugar together in large mixing bowl. Add nuts and chocolate with spatula (set aside a little for garnish). Bake cake in a greased spring form pan for 1 hr at 255 F. When it has cooled, remove from pan and place on a round serving plate. Garnish with fresh whipped cream and sprinkled with the leftover nuts and chocolate.

I was Featured on Envy My Cooking

So excited that just shortly after I started this blog I am featured on! It is a super cute blog that has lots of yummy recipes and cute stuff people like to show as their "Envy my Find".

Well check it out, they featured my cute blue chair AND my Aebleskiver recipe!

Thanks Envymycooking!:-)
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