Hello, and welcome to my little corner of Blogland ....
I'm Catherina, also known as Cat.
Interior Design/Decorating is my passion as well as natural light photography. I love to draw, cook, craft and create.

I'm a SAH mother of 4, born in a little Danish fairytale town surrounded by castles, great mansion houses and old farms. I spent my childhood there and now I live in the US with my sweet American husband in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I try and bring old world style (reminiscent of my home in Denmark...I kind of want my surrounds to look like I stepped into a fairytale book...hence why I love all the Lovely), and also farmhouse style into the mix..cuz...I live out in the countryside...surrounded by mountains, fields of alfalfa and lots of green grassed's here all around me...and I love it! 
Anyways...keep reading and you will discover how I see my world. 

Thanks for stopping by my little Creative Corner....


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