Thursday, September 23, 2010

Martha Stewart Revamp...

Halloween is coming, and I am so excited this year. I have been kind of a bah humbug for a few years about decorating for it (too much "cheesy or too disturbing Halloween decorations out there). Because I have a 3 yr old I wanted to get into the "spirit", and finally have found some decorations that "work" for me.  Ran off to Tai Pan Trading, and started buying small cute things but I needed a little more stuff and wasn't willing to pay an arm and a leg for it.  Martha Stewart had a tutorial on how to make these super cute paper lanterns, but of course the supplies needed were things that would again, cost me arm and a leg for only Paper Decorations. So I had to find an alternative...


I used 1 Kix Cereal box, cut it to work with her template, than spray painted the whole thing with glossy black paint.  While it dried I printed out on regular paper Marthas templates, than traced them onto the tissue. I cut it to shape so it would fit inside of the boxes. I made a little hole in the back of the box ( so I can insert some christmas lights later on, or perhaps even buy those battery operated votive candles.) So EASY~ SO CHEAP~ SO CUTE!
So, yeah instead of spending up to $20 bucks on Marthas idea (which by the way is soooo very cute, but not quite the time or $ that I want to make home made paper crafts that most likely will only last me this Halloween), I spent.....a grand total of.....$ 0.00! Yep I had all this stuff laying around the house....:-)

Needless to say I am a happy camper, and so is my little girl who is LOVING all of her "new halloween stuff" as she calls it.

ps. the smaller lantern with the moon is made out of a fruit snack box:-)


  1. I like them... I'm copying your idea. There we go, you can be my brains, mine are in the bottom of my boxes of apples.... I plan on finding them when I get done processing apples.

  2. Sarah that is what I am here for! :-) Speaking of Apples I have a GREAT recipe for the yummiest Apple/Pear crisp EVER. I will need to post it:-)

  3. So cute and creative. I'ld like to try it, hope that's ok, if not let me know. Thanks.

  4. Misty! Sure you can make them:-) That is why I posted it:-) If you do by chance blog about it or post it on the web, just link it back to my Blog:-)
    Have fun:-) Oh and dont forget to take pictures and email me your finished product so you can be featured:-)



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