Monday, October 24, 2011

My version of a "Boo Queen"

So last year I finally came around to decorating my home for Halloween. And Oh how I love it! I think the whole Vintage Halloween took me in like so many others:-) That is why I actually like it now:-) Its Classic. Its even kind of Mystical & 
And so I fell in love with Bethany Lowes Halloween creations. I came across her pieces once {over a year ago} in a small boutique in Midway Utah. SOOO darling! I have a few of my favorites, and I oh so wanted them in my home, but there is no way I could possibly afford or justify buying a $75 doll!  I knew instantly that I wanted to make my own version of them. So with that said, here is my first of 3 creations that I want to recreate for my own Halloween decor:-)  Finally a year later I got to this project. I have to admit it kind of intimidated me, hence why it took me so long to do. But I actually was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this, and how easy it was! Mind you this was made with things I had laying around my it cost me 2-3 hours & $0 to make! :-)

My inspiration:

Bethany Lowes Boo Queen 
{kim kohler is part of her design team. She makes some pretty creepy stuff, this one being the less of the creepy ones}


I made my own pattern. Sewed than stuffed the body. Added some clothes {with the glue gun}. Finished her off with a trick or treat scepter and than a boo crown.

I decided to keep her all black and white, to go with the theme of my decor. 
My Halloween colors are black and white, with a dash of orange.

She does need some black glitter though...I went hunting for that this morning, with no luck. Think I will have to hit up Michael's later this week.

So there you have it, my first of 3 ! Stay tuned for my next creation {Simply Miss Pumpkin}. 
Oh and a funny story, my little 18 month old boy, who only can say perhaps 2 words thinks this doll is gross. I know this, because he makes a "yukchhh" noise every time he sees it! {the same noise he makes when he spits something out of his mouth he doesn't like},lol!!! My little 4 year old daughter thinks it is a pretty Halloween Queen.:) lol! Well at least I know she is "pretty-creepy"!
I seriously cannot stop laughing every time my boy makes that sound! 


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  1. Toooo cute! I hope you will consider sharing this at my linky party!


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