Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hurray for SUMMER! 4th of July Decor....

Schools out, time to celebrate with some Red white and blue.  I love this wonderful County  , and I have always wanted to get festive for this time of year. So I came up with a   few new things....

Found this cool Thomas Jefferson plate at the thrift store for $2.00! I LOVE it! Than I got a few old frames, painted and distressed them.  I painted/stenciled the 1776 est. on this linen type fabric. 

I made this wreath inspired by this one

. I LOVE hers SOOO much, so I made the base of hers, and than added my embellishments with push pins ,so when our Independence day festivities are over, I can change these and   than attach the starfish decor like hers. She did such a beautiful job! I love mine now, and cant wait to get to `updo` it again after the holiday. After a few years now of collecting ocean things I realize that I   i love all things Nautical :-) 

I googled and printed out a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Placed it in this frame that I also repainted. I have a love for Seashells...have been collecting them since I was a kid in Denmark. I love getting them all out for the summer months....Had to add some to this. I even bought me some beautiful ones while on our trip to Hawaii. I will have to post about them later.

An old piece of driftwood I painted some blue and white stripes on

More fabric painting.   

Heres my little corner

And to end it, I painted a starfish on my old burlap pillow. Remember the old & sign./? This is just the other side.

Hurray for Summer!!!!

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  1. Cat, I love your wreath and that fabric is some of my favorite I want it all over my boys room. well at leas on their beds :) the frames are all so lovely. Good job I love it all.


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