Monday, July 7, 2014

Building our own Home

I havn`t had many projects going on since the past 6 months have been a whirl wind in our family. We moved and are currently staying with family as we begin the process of building our dream home. I am beyond ecstatic for this! Seriously I have been dreaming of this for whole life.. lol
            Our front yard
Our side view from our front yard
Our sidewalk ;-)

As we wait on all the paperwork aka (a moratorium to be lifted) so we can get our building permit processed, I will be sharing with you the decor choices AND projects for our home to be. Once we finally break ground I will share with you the whole building process. We are our own GC for this big event, so this will  surely be an adventure for us! Luckily my husband has worked around this type of business his whole life and both his brothers built their own homes, so there will be many familiar things (many new I am sure too), but we are confident that it will turn out good:-)

So Stay tuned for more updates!


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