Monday, August 4, 2014

Mora Table Clock redo

A few years ago I was doing my regular houzz browsing when I saw a clock that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! It looked like a grandfather clock of some sort...than after some research I discovered it was called a Mora clock. An old antique clock found in Scandinavia, Sweden to be exact. 
How on earth did I miss this in my Scandinavian upbringing?! 
I realize now that when I was little in Denmark and I drew grandfather clocks they were indeed very similar to the Mora clocks. With the beautiful rounded features... I guess I did know what they were;) so glad I opened up my subconscious mind to them again!:-) lol....
With the research that I did I quickly discovered that I would not be able to afford an authentic one until I would be old and retired (hopefully). I currently have started a Cats Mora clock fund for that dream to be fulfilled.;) I am taking donations too so feel free to contribute ;) hehehe. 
So I was searching the internet for replicas, diys etc. And than one day in my inbox I see this bit of lovely sent from a website that sends u deals each day. A Mora style table clock!! I snatched it up As FAst As I could! I knew the black finish wasn't really true Mora clock style, and upon receiving it in the mail I saw how much I truly disliked the distressing done to this. All good reasons in my mind to paint it. 

The black really wasn't That bad but...
...I HATED the red that was showing under the black....not my style. (If it wasn't for that I might have considered keeping it black).

Here were my diy chalk paint choices:

Valspar Stone Mason
Devine Colors Horizon by Target 
(love this new light/minty/cream color!!)
Valspar English Tea Party
Folk Art metallic gold craft paint

I started with 2 coats of the Stone Mason
Than one thin coat of Horizon.
I than painted and than wiped quickly off with a rag the gold. Only on some places to bring out the details.
Once I was done with that, I made a wash/glaze with the English Tea party. And did THIS so it leaked all over.

I quickly dabbed / wiped it all off/down over the entire thing.

A few touch ups here and there to get the effect I wanted ( I added one more thin dry brush coat of the horizon all over and there...kind of felt like painting a picture;)

A close up...
I really love how it turned out. The gold only shows up at certain angles and that I love! I will have to finish up the inside of the clock another time.

But what do u think? Shall I keep it like this? 

Or perhaps paint it all a solid Horizon?

 The beauty of paint is that I can change it again when I get tired of this. I have even played with the idea of painting it that lovely ASCP Graphite if I want to go back to a dark color.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You did a lovely job my girl!!

  2. So pretty! You are pretty amazing at choosing the perfect color combos!


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