Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Our new christmas tree.

I can't Explain how excited I am about this! You all know that I have had three small trees for probably about seven or eight years. This is because of our apartment was too small for a big tree. But not anymore even though that we are in a temporary apartment while her house is being built I wanted to make sure that I got a big nice tree:) it's honestly been a dream of mine! Lol. I was driving my has been absolutely crazy, looking for the perfect tree that was in our budget. All I did all day long was look at trees online.. there are like 5 million different kinds! Pre-lit, non lit,down swept, quick set, hinge trees,flocked trees, white trees, LED lights,slim, pecil, twinkle lights, multicolored lights, swivel tree, fir real technology, I can go on and on and on! Ugh! And that's not even mentioning the different TYPES of trees. 
Well, my husband , my wonderful husband  , on one of those evenings where I had finally narrowed it down to two choices, completely surprised me and brought one of my choice trees home! It was the day before Halloween. We put it up in the garage to behold it's beauty.. and then put it back down in the box. Ever since then it was haunting me. I have wanted to put it up so badly and I finally gave in two weeks before Thanksgiving! Have never done that! Lol. While others are black Friday shopping I always put my tree up on that day and do all of my shopping online:) well not this year.:-) 
This tree is a BlueSpruce. It has LED white lights and has several twinkle settings. It's the perfect mix between a slim and a pencil tree and I love it:) and the best part of it ALL is that my sweetheart picked it out and brought it for me. 

I made several of the decorations this year. And bought some awesome new ribbon that was on sale. I used some of my ornaments from my old trees as well. 

My button garland from last year I used and I was able to find more of it online this year:) sorry for the bad quality pic, my computers acting up so all I get to use is my wonderful cell phone:) 

Stay tuned for my tutorials on how to make the homemade ornaments you see.

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