Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The new bathrooms {cultured marble}

So we are getting ready to break ground next month, I'm so excited! And with that we need to get an idea on what we want to choose for the bathrooms. Our house design has three full bathrooms. Our main bathroom, master on suite  bathroom, and a basement bathroom. Going back-and-forth with the pros and cons of tile showers versus cultured marble showers. I absolutely loathe cleaning showers. I'm the type of person that I clean all three bathrooms once a week, that's plenty for me ! They all have cultured marble showers and I love them! It's so easy to keep clean. And it looks so pretty too. So that's what I would like to go with for our new home given budget of course. Just yesterday my husband and I went to a cultured marble store and the salesman  there gave us some samples. I am in love! Best part is my husband knew exactly which ones I wanted:-) it's so nice to know into this process of building a house that my other half knows what look I'm going for:-) he is the best. 
I would love the white for the countertops but my husband pointed out that some contract would be nice. I love the gray! In larger Slavs it has white swirls/veining throughout. Swoon!
We want to use the Weymouth Polished Nickel collection through out the house by Moen.
And than for some accents in the bathrooms is this Lovley marble hex tile. For a little backsplash and possibly a trim in the cultured marble.

Next we really like this tile for the floors. 
This lame phone pic does not do it justice.

And this light that I have been crushing on for EVER!;-) in these next couple of months I will get to see if all these things really come Into reality! Lol. At least I know what look I am going for so anything close to it in our price range will be great. Hopefully with my next post you will be witnessing a lot of dirt being moved around...aka breaking ground!



  1. Cat, I love it all. I just pinned that same faucet yesterday from Miss Mustard seeds blog! Love love love...... I can't wait to see it all come together it is going to be fantastic!! :)

  2. I really like and appreciate your post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.


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