Sunday, May 29, 2011

Burlap Starfish Art

So, when you need some new wall art for your home, just make it yourself! Total cost for this beauty was $0....because I had everything already on hand:-) I started out with this old picture frame {found in an old storage unit} for FREE! lol.
Here it is, it was a nice dark cherry frame, but since I am trying to light up our apartment I wanted something a little bit more cheery in to PAINT IT! Hmmm what color?
Yup you guessed it!
Blue Ocean Breeze...yet again! lol. Note colors that I always have on hand are silver, white and several shades of blue....LOVE it!
First coat. No need for primer in this project!

Once that dried I went ahead and used a nice dark glaze to bring out the details. With two rags {one damp cloth and one dry} to wipe any off to get the desired effect i wanted.
A close up of the glaze 

After it dried, I busted out the sand paper....

Printed out a picture of my favorite starfish {yes, I did not even attempt to stick a REAL one in there when this one did the job}! lol , and pasted it on a fine piece of burlap....and Voila; my shabby sheik "cottagee" ocean like wall art! ;-)

Now my 1/2 bath is a little happier! Now doesn't that make you want to look around your house and see what you can make out of what you already have?


  1. That frame is awesome!! And I love the price!! Beautiful!

  2. HI!! Just found your blog and on my first visit I see this fantastic freebie makeover!! Great job!!


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