Monday, May 2, 2011

Whoooo you can find at the thrift store {spraypaint makes everything better}

So, have I ever shared that I love birds? Owls in particular. I used birds & Owls for my little girls bedroom theme 
{the PBK knockoff}. Well, I have been on the hunt for some time now, for a cute Owl to display in my entryway. I found this little friend at my local thrift store {the DI}, he was $4..... Isnt he cute! I love his little face, but he is not exactly "fitting" into my decor. So, as I always do I bust out me spray paint bottle and gave him a few new coates of Kraylon Ivory gloss. 
 Here is his BEFORE Pic:

What do you think? I love him!! Oh and do you like the cute vintage "Furniture Refinishing"book? Yeah, my sweet Danish Farmor {Grandma} gave me this for christmas, because she knows how much I love refinishing things;-)
I need to share that I was featured on one of my FAVORITE design blogs! Design Dazzle:-)
check it out! I am SO excited for this one:-)


  1. I love that owl. And I LOVE spray paint. It makes everything better! Great find. And I'm jealous of the book. How appropriate!

  2. Yes Steph, the two definatly mix well:-)

  3. I am partial to owls too...Oh, and spray paint too! Beautiful owl!


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