Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FALL is in the AIR {my favorite season is here, and oh how I love Studio 5}

Fall! Ahhhh! Yes that is what I think of when this time rolls around every year. I just love the crisp days, with bright sunny skies, or windy rainy ,cloudy, days. And oh how the changing of the leaves makes me oh so happy! The fact that this season brings on ALL of my favorite holidays, makes it even better!
So, in celebration of that I have begun to decorate my little home with fall/harvest time inspiration. I am waiting another week or two to start with my Halloween decor, {which by the way I am super excited to do}! lol. 
I started with this little box. I got the idea from one of my favorite TV morning shows Studio5 {which by the way I was actually featured on a few weeks ago! Made my year!}. 

Here is the segment that inspired me if u want to check it out. Michele V. has definitely made an impact on a  ton of my decor inspirations!

So after seeing her CUTE little IKEA box, I thought I might make one myself or something. Than THIS came to mind; my Great Grandmothers FAFF Sewing Machine drawer! My Father gave me this sewing machine many years ago. We brought it from Denmark. It used to be my Great Grandmothers. It is a German sewing machine from 1920. I have always loved it {It was the first sewing machine I learned how to sew on when I was like 9 or so}. No electricity, just a foot pedal to work it:-) I still have it away in storage, because I dont have any room for it at the moment. But this box certainly can be put to good use in the meantime! 

 I placed 3 small Mason Jars with water in it, cut a few blooms from the garden, than added gift filling for the inside like Michele V did on hers.
 I LOVE this drawer handle!
Than to finish it off I added some fabric for some umph!
I simply lOVE it!
Next I took MV's advice and decorated with Natural Elements. One of my favorite things I always do every fall.
And we LOVE Pears!

 This Lovely was given to me by my sweet mother-in-law. I added some new plates to it, and now I have a cute little stand!
It works really well in my house to decorate with real fruit. The only bad thing about it, is that my kiddies {including my hubby} LOVE fruit so much that within 2 days my decoration needs "replenishing" :-) lol! Oh well, it could be least they DO EAT fruit! 


  1. Cat, love the sewing machine drawer. My mom had an old sweing machine and I really hope she gives it to me. Cute fall decor, I really haven't started to decorate because that means I am admitting that winter is on it way! DEPRESSING!!!! Have a great day!
    country girl home

  2. That drawer is fantastic!! I love how you're using it!!
    I would love for you to link up to Show & Share tomorrow...I'm cohosting!! :)


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