Friday, November 25, 2011

LIVE Holly Wreath and a few knick knacks

I have been SO excited to put up my Christmas Decor and now the time has finally come! Yes its still November, but once Thanksgiving is over, its time for THE next holiday to be celebrated. lol
I started out by taking my kids to the Park. Yup, its been gREAT weather here so, I took them out and while they played I brought my clippers and bags for my future Christmas projects, and cut oh so many lovely greenery. {This year I want to use as much live greenery as possible}. Not only because its CHEAP or shall I say FREE, but also because it is BEAUTIFUL. {I have a special place in my heart for this kind of stuff because my Mom is a MASTER at flower arranging....and just reminds me of my sweet Mama}. So here is my first attempt at a wreath. This one is made from Holly leaves....OUCH! lol. That is what I was saying through out making this little baby. But OH it was SO worth it!! I used a already white berry wreath {like the ones they have at PB a few years ago} and covered it with Holly branches. {I used my glue gun & green wire}. 
 Finished it off with a nice piece of wired Burlap ribbon.
Than for some shabby Christmas decor I rounded up these babies, 

Mason jars :
  1. filled with antique lace/doilies
  2. Pearls and a sprig of FRESH evergreen {smells OH SO GOOD}.
  3. Vintage door knob & key holder and some other random metal goods

 OK. so I am sure I have mentioned how I LOVE Bethany Lowe Designs. Well, I happened across this lovely little guy at TJ Maxx the other day. I saw him and GASPED, A REAL "Vintage by Bethany"?! I was in love! Than I left the store, convincing myself I didnt need it....well....That was on a Saturday. ALL the rest of that weekend I could not get it out of my head! Monday morning I went back hoping he would still be there {because if he was than it was meant to be}. I could not believe it!! He was there! And $16 later I went home a happy lady:-) I think he is so cute.
So here is the first of my Christmas Decor. I am all finished with a swag I made for the front door...I just need it to be light outside so I can grab a pic and post about it. AND yup...its a PB inspired Christmas swag, so stay tuned;-)

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  1. That wreath is GORgeous! Lovely decorations! Would you share here?

  2. Thanks Amy! ;-) Im on my way to the party!


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