Wednesday, November 30, 2011

He knows me so well!

Ok. So my sweet husband brought me home these yesterday {with a few other antique treasures}! He came across these while cleaning out some storage units at work. {someone had left them behind}. I am ECSTATIC! A whole set of 10 Vintage Griffith's Laboratory Milk Glass Jars. SWEEEEET! Mine are like the ones in this picture {these are from a pic I found online}. They have the red lids, and only 2 original labels left of them. I am not in love with the Red, so I have plans to repaint them. {Sorry to all you red lovers out there, the Red is nice, but it doesn't match my kitchen decor.} My husband knows me so well:-) It was like Christmas for me! Anyhow, stay tuned for my Vintage Spice jar revamp...
Now what color to paint them? I was thinking perhaps oil rubbed bronze?
Any suggestions?

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