Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Evergreen & Pine Garland {live}

Oh yes, I wish I had a beautiful wooden front door, with beautiful trim and several transom windows....but alas I do not. 
But that WILL NOT stop me from adorning our current humble front door with Christmas Cheer! :-) I made this Evergreen garland VERY easily using blue spruce twigs, green wire and pinecones. I attached the long pieces of evergreen together with the wire {ouch}! lol. Than did the same with the pine cones. hung it up be simply hammering a few nails in the doorway so it had something to "hang" on to. SO EASY!
I think it is SO pretty and I am SOO happy how it turned out:-)
{oh and this was all free}
thanks mother nature! I will forever be doing this for some festive front door decor! 
Here it is, with my PB inspired Swag.

 These urns looked so sad and empty now that their flowers were sleeping for the winter. So I just filled them with the greenery leftovers I had. {even had a few holy branches too, to add}. And than a few logs to add some texture. 
And here is one of two little lights we have next to our front door. I added some greenery and a big silver $ store bow. Done. {it did have more evergreen behind it earlier in the week...but a BIG record breaking windstorm swept it away.} Lets just say I am lucky my garland is still in tact.... not to mention our roof!

I Love these homemade evergreen garlands SO much I dont EVER want to take it down!! 
And here's to the day when I will have a pretty wooden front door..with my Transom windows.:-)

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  1. Simple yet beautiful and festive! Would love love love for you to share this at our party going on now Happy holiday! My


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