Sunday, December 4, 2011

Decorating for Christmas {Upstairs & In my Bedroom}

I am just loving this Holiday Cheer! So this year I decided to start decorating our Bedrooms. Thats Right...kind of odd, but whenever I have seen such things done in magazines I just swoon, at the thought of Christmas in other rooms, besides of our main living areas. So I started with my Bedroom. I added a Red Crimson satin pillow to my all white {and a touch of black} bedspread. Than a cream afghan at the foot of the bed. A touch of real fresh holly {dried} and a cream & red cute snowflake sachet and I'm done...for this year. lol
 It makes me smile to wake up looking at this real holly branch over my head every morning. I when I first placed it there it was still live. But I also enjoy the dried too. 
 For Our upstairs hallway I attached these red christmas ornaments to a piece of jute and hung it up. Kind of like a banner of sorts. My kids love it, because it is right above their collection of books that we keep in my homemade "pallet bookcases". Or what they call their "Library". 
Oh and now for my FAVORITE thing. {well one of them}. I came across this TREASURE at TJ Maxx  in the summer. A GORGEOUS star all made of drift WOOD!! My little 4 yr old actually pointed it out to me as we were walking down the isles. "Mama, look at this Beautiful STAR"! Oh my HECK girl...she sure knows her stuff! It was indeed Beautiful! lol. I HAD to bring it home! 
And so I did for $24 . 
{no way I didnt make this....But I sure would have tried if I had an Ocean nearby! hahaha}

 To make this more 'christmasy' I added a few fresh springs of a very fine needled evergreen. {I dont know the exact type}. A type of Fir I guess?
And there you have it....some more NATURAL christmas decorating ideas. I just love it, the simplicity of it all. Its SO easy to make your decor better when bringing some of nature indoors.
And CHEAP too;-)
Now go find yourself a HOLLY bush... ok. :-)


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