Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ruffled Stripe Shower Curtain

I have been working on putting together my kids "Mermaid & Pirates" themed bathroom for some time now. A work in progress. But than I found the PERFECT shower curtain!
So in love with this one I "Pinterested it".
Potterybarn $69.
 {if u havnt noticed it already, it's my favorite store...along with Layla Grace}
Nope....I will not pay that for a shower curtain.

I stumbled across this fabric at Walmart for $4.95 pr yrd.
 I bought 4 1/2 yrds.

Than measured it and cut it out to fit the size of the kids old shower curtain.

The End Result.....
cost me $22.28 AND a few hours of sewing. I like to Sew:-)

This adorable Mermaid Wand was given to my daughter by her cute cousin. It works perfect in the Mermaid & Pirate Themed bathroom. I added a bit of jute to it, to give it a little "rusticness".

A clock and some Mermaid Art that I made a while back.
For a little decor I placed yummy organic soapes in a Mason Jar.
Seashells also are displayed in a clear glass.

A toothbrush holder. I love Mason Jars:-)

Now, I am off to work on some Pirate inspired Art for the bathroom. 

My Own Potterbarn Tuscan Planter

When I saw first saw these on PB a while ago I became slightly obsessed! 
I LOVE these! 

These beauties are priced at anywhere from $149-$299 So of course it gave me the need to create my own cheaper version. 
{Now I am on the lookout for any kind of pots that I can "slightly" paint white, in my house. And even as I am typing this, I just thought of a few other pots that I have that I can do this with}.
Here is my first attempt at one.
I started by painting this lacquered/glossy pot with plain white acrylic paint. {the inside of it is what it used to look like}

Once it dried I painted a few coats. Than busted out my Pampered Chef Scraper {which by the way is one of my FAVORITE things in my kitchen...i use it for everything!} And began to scrape away the bottom and a bit of the top of the pot to give it a weathered look. This was really easy because of the original glossy finish.

And here is the finished Planter!
And I love it!

{I still need to replant the greenery into it, but you get the idea}:-)
I will need to use a different technique if I paint something with a matte finish rather than this glossy one. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FALL is in the AIR {my favorite season is here, and oh how I love Studio 5}

Fall! Ahhhh! Yes that is what I think of when this time rolls around every year. I just love the crisp days, with bright sunny skies, or windy rainy ,cloudy, days. And oh how the changing of the leaves makes me oh so happy! The fact that this season brings on ALL of my favorite holidays, makes it even better!
So, in celebration of that I have begun to decorate my little home with fall/harvest time inspiration. I am waiting another week or two to start with my Halloween decor, {which by the way I am super excited to do}! lol. 
I started with this little box. I got the idea from one of my favorite TV morning shows Studio5 {which by the way I was actually featured on a few weeks ago! Made my year!}. 

Here is the segment that inspired me if u want to check it out. Michele V. has definitely made an impact on a  ton of my decor inspirations!

So after seeing her CUTE little IKEA box, I thought I might make one myself or something. Than THIS came to mind; my Great Grandmothers FAFF Sewing Machine drawer! My Father gave me this sewing machine many years ago. We brought it from Denmark. It used to be my Great Grandmothers. It is a German sewing machine from 1920. I have always loved it {It was the first sewing machine I learned how to sew on when I was like 9 or so}. No electricity, just a foot pedal to work it:-) I still have it away in storage, because I dont have any room for it at the moment. But this box certainly can be put to good use in the meantime! 

 I placed 3 small Mason Jars with water in it, cut a few blooms from the garden, than added gift filling for the inside like Michele V did on hers.
 I LOVE this drawer handle!
Than to finish it off I added some fabric for some umph!
I simply lOVE it!
Next I took MV's advice and decorated with Natural Elements. One of my favorite things I always do every fall.
And we LOVE Pears!

 This Lovely was given to me by my sweet mother-in-law. I added some new plates to it, and now I have a cute little stand!
It works really well in my house to decorate with real fruit. The only bad thing about it, is that my kiddies {including my hubby} LOVE fruit so much that within 2 days my decoration needs "replenishing" :-) lol! Oh well, it could be least they DO EAT fruit! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ode to my favorite old books

Rummaging thru my old children's books the other day I found this old Love of mine. This book was given to me when I was 6 years old. I have always been enchanted by this book! I remember when I first got it, I wanted so badly to read all the words, but it was hard when my knowledge extended to only reading e.g="the-at-on-it-to-with-go"...words. So the pictures would keep me busy. And OH how they are BEAUTIFUL! I just Have to share this gorgeous book with you all! The illustrations are taken from old vintage paintings and sketches. LOVE it!

Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears
This page is part of the intro of the book.

Little Red Ridinghood

Puss In Boots
One of my favorites in this book

I just LOVE these silhouettes!
 Wouldn't it be cute to put these in a little girls room?

I love "Princess on the Pea"

The Golden Goose is always a favorite!

Sleeping Beauty

Jack the Giant Killer!

This Fairy Tale always captivated me!
The Twelve Dancing Princesses:-)

This picture is one of my favorites


Another all time fav,

The Tinderbox
I love this one!
{if you hav'nt heard of it, it is written by the Danish fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen}

Beautiful Snow White

I look forward to reading this with  my own children and my own grandchildren someday:-)

Finally should work....

Ok, so I have done what is necessary for my pictures to be viewed again. {Purchased more bandwidth}. I am now just waiting for it to "kick in".

Thanks for your patience in this matter!


{Ps. has anyone ever had to go to Pro in Photobucket? And how long did it take for it to kick in?}

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ok...this REALLY stinks!

I had NO idea about this thing they call "bandwidth" limit. WHAT?!! Now somehow, someway I need to find a option to fix all my images....

PLease Dear REaders Any suggestions would be so very helpful:-)

I am currently working on  some fall decor projects , and I would be so sad if they never got up on CCC!

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