Monday, May 7, 2012

Vintage Train Party {my baby boy is 2}!

Yes, FINALLY a REAL POST! haha! I know, its been a while....{I feel like I am repeating myself}, but now things are moving along in my household. And I am feeling good. My first big task of the year was to plan my boys 2'nd birthday party. I still had to keep it simple, because of the fact of me being 5 months pregnant at the time. So we invited just the birthday boys Grandparents and one little cousin. {They are only 11 days apart}. My boy is completely obsessed with ANYTHING with wheels....and Trains have been his latest pastime. He can sit for ever building and running his little Ikea train set. And so a train party was quite appropriate for his special day....
He had a great day, and it ended up being a success. I didnt spend too much time on setting up a background, so please enjoy pictures of my apartment:-)
Here are pix....enjoy!

My custom Made Invite....i luv me some Photoshop! Best buck I ever spent!
The spread: chocolate cake, black cherry cream soda, Blimpie Sandwiches, chips & "curly apples".

This little fancy machine was given to my by my mother in law. SUPER cool! It peels, cuts and cores your apples for you. It was a hit! 

I used newpapers & cream burlap for the tablecloth.

Our party favors: conductor hats, scarfs, candy and kazoos. {I tried to find train whistles, with no kazoos it was!}
Thank yOu Blimpie Sub Shop! For keeping it simple for me! :-) 

The Cake. Chocolate chip cake with Butter cream frosting. And a homemade fondant Locomotive.  Took A LOT of black food coloring to get this color! :-)

I realize first now, after posting these pix, that I forgot the cowcatcher! lol....
ahhh gotta love Pregnancy Brain! lol

This was such a fun cake to make!

I made this cake topper from newspaper, and my cricket machine. Super simple and EASY PEASY!

Our Sweet Birthday Boy!
He LOVED the party, and all its Trains...especially his cake:-)



  1. Replies
    1. I know! It's crazy how fast time goes by! So fast so fast!

  2. Cat, Such a cute party. I bet Mel loved every minute of it. Good job it turned out super darling.

    1. Thanks Lindsay! Mel sure enjoyed the trains that's for sure:-)

  3. Love it all! That cake is AAAAAAmazing!!!!! Sweet little Mel, can't believe he is already two.


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