Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Littlest Petshop Tea Party {my sweet daughter turns 5}

So when your daughter asks for a Littlest Petshop Teaparty, and there is NOTHING that you can buy premade for such an event, my creative wheels started turning and turning for months and months! lol. She is currently obsessed with these cute little figurines, so it was fun for me to try and find a way that I could incorporate them into a teaparty theme. We do not have a backyard, so we "borrowed" my Grandmothers for the special event. My inspiration for this party came from The Sweetest Occation blog; Simply fell in love with the Robin Eggs blue, pink and Red colors. Not to mention how sweet the Strawberries are!! I am sweet on Strawberries.....;-)
I pasted and edited using Photoshop to make all the Petshop details.   {I will try and see if I can make some downloads for those of you who might want to use them too.}
It was a challenge to not have swollen feet by the time we were all done celebrating {being 6 1/2 months pregnant and all}. But the birthday was a success, and our Red Headed Beauty loved every minute of it!! 
So here you go! 

The Invitation...

My Great Grandma V's Patio with added homemade Pom Poms for decor

The Tea Party
Jigglers, Cheese and Grapes, Blueberries and rasberries...YUM
{homemade Party Hats...tutorial to come}

Add caption

Her Littlest Petshop Cake
{Strawberry flavored cake}
{Pink Lemonade Cupcakes}

Two LPS's....she named them Lady- buggy and Cottencandy

Fondant strawberry flowers, leaves and Strawberries

We made Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches as well as PB & J's. 

And my Sweet Birthday girl....


  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! The party space looks great and the cake looks amazing!

  2. Hello Catherina! I am from Colombia, my name is Ana and my daughter, SofĂ­a, is turning six on june. She wants a littlest petshop party and I just love wat you did last year. I wonder if you could finally post the downloads you offered then so I can use them to her birthday. Thanks a lot. My email is


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