Friday, January 4, 2013

Im back! {and a holiday Peppermint Plate }

So I am looking at my last blog post...dated June of 2012....ummm...yeah....It has been a while!
TOO long in fact! But I have GOOD reason...

This is my reason....

Emilie Ana

Can you see how I cant possibly get away from the Cuteness of this little thing to get my Craft on?! Lol. Things have been crazy busy in our house since the day she was born. She came on the day that my oldest started Kindergarten! Yes indeed, I let my husband take her to school while I was in labor. He made it back quickly enough to be there for the birth. And to add to the stress my in-laws left to Africa that week to be away for 18 months serving an LDS Mission. They were in the Mission Training Center just 2 hours away preparing to leave 3 days after E was born. And they were able to drive home to be there for the birth too, and quickly get back to their MTC obligations. We were so blessed to have them meet our sweet baby before they left!
Well, she is now 4 months old, I am feeling much better, we are into a routine AND the holidays are over, so now I can SNEAK away for just a few...and BLOG. I haven't been all idle though in these past 6 months or so. I just haven't had time to document everything. So I might have some "past" posts to reveal in the next few posts.

Here is one of them, this SUPER cool Peppermint plate that I saw on a cake display on line. I found the instructions here... on this blog Dukes & Dutchesses.  Whipped up a batch of Peppermint fudge..and voila! Its seriously so cool, and my kids LOVED to help me unwrap and place all the candies in the dish before placing it in the oven.  We kept it out all December. It was so easy...This is going to be a holiday tradition! 

So here goes to a New Year of blogging....thanks for sticking around!!


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