Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Button Nursery Wall Art {the beginning of a Vintage inspired Nursery}

I am expecting a baby girl this Early September! And I am SO very excited to start on her nursery decor. Its one of those things that keeps me busy and not thinking about how uncomfortable I am at the moment! lol
But I have to say it has been a challenge having 2 other little ones run around me, so hopefully I will get everything done in the next 12 weeks! 
My oldest daughter's room was pinks, reds and greens {with Vintage Cicily Mary Barker Fairies}  so this time around I wanted something different. This time I want to try and make a Vintage Inspired Nursery, in Creams, whites, Champagne Pink and a touch of Red....with a touch of Danish Fairy Tales.
I am still on the hunt for the perfect fabric for the Champagne Pink {with no luck}, so I will keep searching until I do. 
Here is my first project completed for our Sweet baby {E}. I bought this frame at the $1 store. Than added some rustic linen type fabric to the back. {I removed the glass}. Than with my glue gun in hand and a million of white & cream buttons i started gluing away....... 
Here is the end result....

 I even found an old antique pearl earring that I have had for YEARS {and I mean when I was a little girl, this beauty used to sit in my jewelry box, all alone missing the other one}. I have always been a "collector" of things old;-)
 The cool thing about his is that I can always add new buttons to it, if I come across any i like. 
 This shelf was one that I had in the nursery already {I moved my little boy in with his big sister}...kept all of his nursery furniture for the next baby. 
 Twas origionally cherry....I painted and distressed it....I LOVE how it turned out!
Here is the BEFORE

Well stay tuned for my other nursery projects. I FINALLY can begin on them, now that I have both of my kiddies birthday parties out of the way:-)
Wish me good luck...this is my FIRST pregnancy that will last ALL SUMMER LONG! lol
I seriously give thanks in all of my prayers that I have AC! ;-)

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  1. What a beautiful keepsake for little Emily. Her nursery is going to be so pretty. I cant wait to see what baby #3 looks like. And I Cant wait to find out what we are having so I can decorate too.

    1. Thanks Lindsay!
      I cant wait to see how she looks either! Aaaand I cant wait to see what you are you having too!! You should make one of these....;-)

  2. super cute! it would work in emmy's room, too! ;)

    1. Cassie! Thank you! And thanks for visiting:-) Its been a while since I have come back to blogger land! lol.....
      Yes, it would work in Emmy's room too! We are actually naming our baby Emilie {after her great grandmother}, but will be calling her "Emmy" for short;-) love the name!!!

  3. Hi Catherina! I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for your sweet comment at my Christmas blog but I seem to have become quite side-tracked and have really enjoyed looking through your blog! I am following you now and look forward to reading more of your posts.

    I would also like to invite you to my other blog, Natasha in Oz. I host a weekly link up there each Saturday so would be thrilled if you could join in some time!

    Thanks again for your visit. It's lovely to meet you.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

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