Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin vase & a little pillow love

So my sister just recently got married, and my mother did all of her flowers. My mom is SUPER talented. I was so lucky to take home one of the flower arrangements...a PUMPKIN VASE!! The picture does not do it justice...It really is so much prettier in person...I had to share this awesome idea. They basically hollowed out the pumpkin, than put a plastic yogurt type container in there to fill with water. the pumpkin lasted about 5 days before it spoiled, but my oh my how pretty it is! Would be a great idea to keep on the front door, with some fall flowers inside too, AND it would hold up so much better for being out in the cold. 
Love it!
 And off to another subject. Pillows.
I got tired of my old ones (I usually redo them once a year or so) and this was my newest . Only remind me NOT to EVER get microfiber couches again...we have had these for 8 years now, and man are they trashed! Oh sweet children how they destroy.... lol. Any ideas on cleaning them?? Water even shows up on these lovelies.

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