Thursday, March 17, 2011

The beginning of something wonderful {burlap table-runner}

I am a fanatic planner. I start well in advance looking for ideas and inspiration on practically EVERYTHING in my life. It is an obsession of mine, and I take oh so much joy in it. I collect ideas "copy and paste" collages in my computer files for everything. From sewing projects, foods, even my dream home. This time it started with my daughters birthday party theme. Her birthday is in June, Yes I know...I am Early! But if I want a perfect party for her, I will need to plan and so I started with this table runner as part of the centerpiece. My boys birthday is next month and that is already planned with all details even down to what type of candy I will buy. Hehehe...oh the joys of being a stay at home Mama! lol. 
I had lots of burlap in my sewing stash just waiting to make something out of it. And so I cut and sewed and sewed a bit more, and here it is! My table runner with "Mermaid-tail" type ends. 
Anyhow, I am going nuts excited for both of their special days and I cant wait to finish off everything for hers. Lets just say...her birthday is my DREAM party! lol....yet again living my dreams thru my child! I know she will LOvE it because She is helping me plan it, and She cant wait!:-)

I brought this to the party at


  1. Loooooove it! Is {B} having a mermaid party?!?! It's NEVER too early to plan a birthday party in my opinion. I've been planning a mermaid party for Brier since last year (it was actually going to be her 'theme' for her birthday last year, but with no yard, it evolved into a fairy party somehow.) LOL. But this year we WILL have grass, so she's set on having a mermaid party. Can't wait! And I can't wait to see the cakes you're gonna create! You have a gift in EVERYTHING I swear! ;)

  2. Love this so much! I have been wanting to make a burlap table runner for some time now, thanks for the inspirtaion, now I just have to go get me some more burlap! Love the ruffles at the end sooo cute!-does your sewing maching do ruffles(with a ruffle foot)..

  3. Thanks Gals! Cherie, yes Mermaid party:-) Bella couldt decide last year of what she wanted for her birthday; Tinkerbell or a Mermaid party. So we chose one, and I promised her we would do the other next year. (Last year I had to do it super easy, with Mel being only 1month and all). This year we are going all out baby!;-) I am all gitty inside from planning this!lol
    Lindsay- no ruffles foot. I just winged it. But I think Everyone needs a burlap tablerunner! They r so cute! :-) And easy to make! Let me know how yours turns out! Oh and ps. we need to do a "feature" of eachother on our blogs (I think). It will Get us some more followers;-)lol

  4. For some reason my little sewing machine won't sew through burlap....grrrrrr it is really bugging me. Maybe I'll try to hot glue it... Yes we do need to "feature" each other on our blogs. I need a button, and one saying... "I was featured on countrygirlhome".. I don't know how to make either of those.


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