Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silhouette Plates {Vintage Chairs}

Finally, after having these $0.75 plates sitting on a shelf gathering dust I have finished this project! I was inspired by my new blogger buddies at Chikkaboom for this one. I didnt have the tools they did for making theirs, so I just went online and found a few pictures of vintage chairs. I LOVE old chairs, and I have to often hold back from buying more....I just dont have the space to keep them!lol. So when I saw these, it gives me my "chair" fix without the space problem;-) 
I found these plates at a thrift shop for $0.75 each. Printed some images I found online, cut them out, painted them black and pasted them on the plates with Modgepodge glue. And....DONE!  I found some wall hangers at Walmart for cheap and now I can enjoy my chairs...I LOOOOOVVVVE THEM! :-) And best of all it only cost me like $5 bucks to make!


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this idea! You're amazing. We need to schedule a craft day soon and do something together. :-)

  2. Cat these are so darling I've been wanting to hang some plates of my own, you've inspired me to do it. I can't believe you cut out those chairs. so cute. I love chairs too.


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