Monday, March 7, 2011

I really need to find my {laundry room} again!

Sitting here on this monday morning, with a bad headcold, and pretty much all of my plans to clean and fix up projects around the house r out the window. So instead I will blog a little about my current project in the works. My laundry room. It is T.I.N.Y! And it seems that since I had my baby, all the laundry keeping/organizing has gone out the window. I feel so overwhelmed that I have been thinking for a while now it needs HELP! And so when I like a space, I need to make it my own. A beautiful place that I love to be in.
 I cant possibly take a picture of what my laundry room looks like now, risking sending my readers into shock (and myself into, so instead I will post this exquisite laundry room i found online. Isnt she beautiful?! I love it...and thus I will be trying to brainstorm today and try to come up with more ideas for my new space, as I sit in my PJ's with tissues in hand, Advil in the other and Orange Juice beside me. Urghhh...being sick STINKS!

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