Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Decor & my {Jute Eggs}

Easter time! I love this time of year. Do You? Because nr. 1 Spring {usually}! Nr. 2 my birthday is in this month {sometimes it can be a bad thing too}lol. Nr 3. Easter hello! lol. I have never had any real Easter Decorations so now is the time to get some. I really want to focus on the Christian aspect of Easter, so I tried to incorporate elements from the Easter Story into my decor. Here is what I came up with;
I am just LOVING my easter Jute Eggs! I have been thinking about making these for some time, and I was so excited that they turned out just how I had envisioned them. For a tutorial on how to make your own click here. I placed this Egg on a bed of white gauzelike material. It reminds me of what HE would have left behind {those 3 days after} in the tomb.
I framed this picture of Jesus Christ and added some burlap to the inside. I have had this tulip frame forever, it is perfect painted white. I than framed my favorite Easter Hymn "He is Risen!" to remind my family what magnificent event took place during that special time so very long ago. 
We made these Easter Eggs at my sweet motherinlaws house for a little activity for us girls to do. {Our hubbies were all attending a Church Meeting together that night}. She gave them to us with a dark stain, which was pretty, I tied a few bows around them and took them home. All the other gals where painting them, mostly white or cream {so cute}! I really didnt have the time {baby boy into everything} to paint them pretty that evening. So the next day, I painted them white, threw on some dark stain and rearranged with a few extra ribbons, burlap and toile. Done. Love it! 
My cute little antique entryway table. {brought it all the way from Denmark 14 yrs ago}. Yes, I know what u r thingking....AMAZING... I do actually have an actual semi entryway! lol. Ahh the joys of living in an apartment! Oh ps, do you like the books? For a unified colorscheme I have found turning them around or wrapping just simple crinkled cream paper {you know, the kind they wrap your dishes in at the store} on the outside of them. Tutorial will follow soon. favorite; a simple Easter Brunch centerpiece;
Jute Egg nest.

Topped with her green, white and light blue ribbons and her little bird inside! 
Yummy homemade Wheat Bread, peach jam, butter and eggs. 
Spring is a time for renewal, rebirth, light, and new hope. {I love it}. HAPPY EASTER!

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  1. This is such a nice craft. I love jute and burlap when pepole look beyond the rough and see the beauty. The little bird inside is wonderful and comforting. Very pretty. Thank you so much for posting at the beagle.


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