Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silhouette Plates {Vintage Chairs}

Finally, after having these $0.75 plates sitting on a shelf gathering dust I have finished this project! I was inspired by my new blogger buddies at Chikkaboom for this one. I didnt have the tools they did for making theirs, so I just went online and found a few pictures of vintage chairs. I LOVE old chairs, and I have to often hold back from buying more....I just dont have the space to keep them!lol. So when I saw these, it gives me my "chair" fix without the space problem;-) 
I found these plates at a thrift shop for $0.75 each. Printed some images I found online, cut them out, painted them black and pasted them on the plates with Modgepodge glue. And....DONE!  I found some wall hangers at Walmart for cheap and now I can enjoy my chairs...I LOOOOOVVVVE THEM! :-) And best of all it only cost me like $5 bucks to make!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The beginning of something wonderful {burlap table-runner}

I am a fanatic planner. I start well in advance looking for ideas and inspiration on practically EVERYTHING in my life. It is an obsession of mine, and I take oh so much joy in it. I collect ideas "copy and paste" collages in my computer files for everything. From sewing projects, foods, even my dream home. This time it started with my daughters birthday party theme. Her birthday is in June, Yes I know...I am Early! But if I want a perfect party for her, I will need to plan and so I started with this table runner as part of the centerpiece. My boys birthday is next month and that is already planned with all details even down to what type of candy I will buy. Hehehe...oh the joys of being a stay at home Mama! lol. 
I had lots of burlap in my sewing stash just waiting to make something out of it. And so I cut and sewed and sewed a bit more, and here it is! My table runner with "Mermaid-tail" type ends. 
Anyhow, I am going nuts excited for both of their special days and I cant wait to finish off everything for hers. Lets just say...her birthday is my DREAM party! lol....yet again living my dreams thru my child! I know she will LOvE it because She is helping me plan it, and She cant wait!:-)

I brought this to the party at

Monday, March 7, 2011

I really need to find my {laundry room} again!

Sitting here on this monday morning, with a bad headcold, and pretty much all of my plans to clean and fix up projects around the house r out the window. So instead I will blog a little about my current project in the works. My laundry room. It is T.I.N.Y! And it seems that since I had my baby, all the laundry keeping/organizing has gone out the window. I feel so overwhelmed that I have been thinking for a while now it needs HELP! And so when I like a space, I need to make it my own. A beautiful place that I love to be in.
 I cant possibly take a picture of what my laundry room looks like now, risking sending my readers into shock (and myself into, so instead I will post this exquisite laundry room i found online. Isnt she beautiful?! I love it...and thus I will be trying to brainstorm today and try to come up with more ideas for my new space, as I sit in my PJ's with tissues in hand, Advil in the other and Orange Juice beside me. Urghhh...being sick STINKS!
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