Monday, August 9, 2010


Above My homemade wall art.
I am working on making a copy of these for Bellas 2nd Birthday Present.  I have finished the 3 tiered cake and one cupcake with the box, but still have the rest to go! PBK price for just the cake $36...!! I have enough felt for everything plus more.....cost me only about $20!
Above: The Origional Potterybarn Wall art
Above: My reupholstered bench. Below: Of course she had to be a red head;-)

So I have been on this craft/project kick lately. It It all started with the Silhouettes (AHHHHHH!!!!!MUST RUN- SHE HAS IT ON THE FLOOR AND IS JUMPING ON MY SILLOUETTES!!!)...
OK....I had the picture resting on the side of the wall so I could get it hung up tonight....she didn't break it,,,Thank Goodness! Whew!

CONTINUED: And became a New Vision...."I want to redo Isabellas room and bathroom".....AND SO IT BEGINS!
Mostly I like to look up my favorite stores online like Potterybarnkids and copy what ever they have. I just cant see any sense in paying a fortune for stuff that I can easily make myself. And home made stuff is more beneficial to my pocket book and exploring talents and such. So far, I have re upholstered this old bench for Bellas room. I have also made this wall art out of tissue paper and modge podging. Ok. so it does not look exactly like the real thing (note: the picture does not capure all the details too), BUT this only cost me about $15 to make.... vs. $89! I also have made another wall art picture for her room & at the moment am working on PBkids "Plush Dessert Collection". (I want to finish it for Bellas Birthday Present)...I will post pictures of these later when I am done. I am so excited!...I haven't been so crafty in years! 10 at least! So, I will try and get as much in as possible before this "Craft Bug" disappears for another 10 years! lol 

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