Monday, August 9, 2010

Isabella's Big Girl Room

We finally finished the main parts of this room! I am so excited! (When spring comes we will refinish her antique bed, but that is a whole other project and that is too hard to do, when you dont have a yard to do it in and the cold weather etc. lol.
Anyhow, I blogged a while back about how I feel in love with the Potterbarnkids Brooke Bedroom, and so I used that as my main inspiration. There was no way that I could afford to buy the bedspread, so ...I made it. Big Project! Lots of Work, Sooo glad I am done! Most of the things in her room are home made, or repained old furtniture e.g. bedspread and pillows, mobiles and lamp. Her nicknacks are some of my old ones from when I was a little girl; the porcelain teaset. Well, here you have it. And the best thing is that Bella LOVES it! She has been sleeping in this new room for a month now, and everytime she goes in there she exclaims "A new room, A new bed~ Princess Bed"! So that makes it all worth it! :-) And I as an adult, can live my dreams out thru my little girl! As far as I am concerned, when we both enter into this room, we are both Princesses, and I LOVE IT!

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