Friday, August 27, 2010

Going wild for Krylons Blue Ocean Breeze & glazing

Old mirror that used to be silver (which I loved, but I was not in love with the gold accents) so why don't we just paint it blue, and glaze it?
Oh and the pictures on the wall is part of my continual adding collage. Love it! (Someday I want to display like a ton of these by my staircase in my dreamhome!:-)
Blue Chair, again ;-)

Painted some old frames, oh and by the way the bookcase they are on, I will be painting cream with glazing on it...another post:-)

Have always loved this color, I have an old antique danish book "Dansk Grafik" that I can finally display:-)

Well, thanks AllthingsThrifty for the GREAT inspiration! :-) I am falling in love with my apartment, which I by the way, thought would NEVER happen! :-)


  1. Cat! Have I told you lately how incredibly AWESOME you are? LOVE the new blog girly! And as always, I'll forever envy your ENDLESS talent. So glad to have you in my life though, to share with me all the wonderful things you do. :)

  2. Aww:-) Thanks Cherie, right back at ya!

  3. I am loving this chair... You need to start posting your finds on envy my finds girl! Love this blog.. so cute...


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