Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{Princess} Wand

Do you ever have those "Blah" days? Well, today was one of those at my house, and so whenever we have those kind of days, we do "Activities". Crafts. Since both my girl and I needed a Princess Pick me up, we decided to make a Magical Wand. Both {B} and I were in Heaven! We had so much fun making this, and it surely made us feel like a Magical Princess for the day. Of course now I need to make one with my own picture on it! :-) Everything I used for this project I already had laying around my house. And as for the wooden dowel...well lets just say that her Grandma let her take it home after her Pizza Factory Luncheon. Had to put the thing to some kind of use, since {B} was on her way to poking some ones eye out with it! Shhhh dont
Design Dazzle

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  1. Cat, this turned out soooooo darling. An important accessory for any princess! {B} looks so old in these pictures! I love the pearl dangling from the bottom of the wand. so creative. Don't feel bad about the dowel they throw them away anyway. I asked and took a few myself. ha ha ha.


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